Honda realises the shortcut to win Indian markets- Fuel efficiency

Honda is a company who have gained big market and goodwill in India, even after its separation from its Indian big brother, Hero. The company who is the largest in two wheeler production in the world, is still trying hard to make a big impression here in India.

Realising the mind of Indian customers, Honda identified that the demand for fuel efficient models is huge in India and thus the company is keenly focusing on developing highly efficient models. Thus the company is all set to introduce more and more fuel efficient bikes in the country so that their products can be sold hands on.

They are working mainly on highly efficient two wheelers. The company is planning to introduce more fuel efficient models in the coming days especially in the scooter segment. Giving more emphasis on scooters, Honda is striving hard to develop their two wheeler market in the country.

Honda CX02

Reports says that they will introduce some fuel efficient 125cc scooter in 2012. From all these reports, it i quite obvious that Honda has got its focus set on the fuel efficient engines and the scooter marke

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