BMW to be more active in Indian two wheeler market by 2012

BMW, who have already enjoyed tremendous success with their four wheelers in India, is looking forward to make an impression in the Indian two wheeler market this time. They are coming up with its efficient and high power models like BMW K 1600GT and BMW K 1300GT to mark a great beginning for their Indian two wheeler sales.

The BMW K bikes are made fuel efficient and the bikes are impressive enough being provided with latest and advanced technologies such as Multi Disc wet clutches which are hydraulically operated and are equipped to both that assures easy gear shifts.
BMW K1600GT is made dynamic enough in a way being completely fuel efficient with a fuel efficiency of 18 kmpl.

The fuel efficiency and capacity of BMW K 1300GT will be more or less like the K1600GT, which has a fuel capacity of 24 litres with a reserve of 4 liters. The news about the colours in which the bikes are available is not available but the body is expected to be painted at mask, fuel tank, side panels and rear side panels so as to make them the best providing them with alluring looks.

The powerful engines are to be endowed with latest dynamic 6 speed Transmission system that surely enhances speed capabilities of the bikes. The 4 Stroke engines accommodated to BMW K 1600 GT and BMW K 1300 GT are made efficient enough to generate zipper acceleration and pick up without creating any sort of vibrations and noises.

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