White CB Twister Introduced

A new colour variant of Honda CB Twister is launched by Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India(HMSI). The new colour is called 'Pearl Sunbeam White'. The basic specifications and the on road price remains unchanged unless the colour.

Now Honda CB Twister is now available in 6 colour options including the new white variant. The on road price of the drum brake equipped variant is Rs.55,420 where as disc brake equipped variant costs Rs.58,809.

It's good that companies in India have started to understand the importance of 'once neglected' white color. It was thought that white color only looks good on bulky heavy motorcycles. Quite a few companies are paying special attention to this color now. Hero has its ZMR in white, HMSI has Twister, Aviator in white, are few examples of companies following the white colour trend.

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