Honda looking to concentrate more on fuel efficiency

After the split up with the big partner 'Hero', Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India(HMSI) is going to concentrate more on the fuel efficiency to make a mark in the Indian two wheeler market. For this aim, they are boosting up their researches and is enhancing a research and development centre in India.

Works are in full pace in developing a 125cc scooter that is to be introduced for the first time in India. Honda who is having largest share in the world market is no.4 in India. It is to better their position, Honda is working on more fuel efficient motor vehicles. They realised that Indian people are looking for good mileage and high performance.

For that, as a conscious effort, Honda is improving the fuel efficiency of the existing models and is all set to introduce new fuel efficient models, particularly in the scooter segments.

The split up with Hero has made the company to widen the product portfolio, especially in the small scooter segment. They are trying their best to establish themselves in both lower and upper Indian market. The evolution from 'Hero Honda' to 'Honda' has made them to work harder to cement their place in the Indian two wheeler market.

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