Much awaited Intruder M800 finally reaches India

Super bike manufacturer Suzuki is now launching something suiting Indian market. They are making their mark by launching the cruiser bike 'Intruder M800'. Suzuki is fully confident of projecting their sales to new heights with the growing demand for these bikes in the Indian automobile market.

The high performance engine of its predecessor 'Intruder M1800R' was not suitable for the Indian roads. Unlike its bigger brother, Intruder M800 is more an entry level cruiser. The bike has got great power by means of the 805cc liquid filled, fuel injected V-Twin engine blended with a 5 speed constant mesh gear box.

For precise control of the bike, the M800 is provided with a powerful 32-bit processor Engine Control Module(ECM). A Pulsed AIR(PAIR) injection system is also equipped to control the emission from the exhaust.

This macho looking cruiser is looking incredible with too much of chrome pinch all over the bike. This bike is available in three different color viz Metallic Oort Grey, Pearl Nebular Black, Candy Max Orange and it costs around 8.8 lakh Indian rupees.

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