Yamaha gearing up to achieve more in India

Yamaha motor company who has always been in front in the Indian two wheeler market is now gearing themselves up, to achieve more in this field. They are setting up a new plant for launching new products and to expand their market.

Yamaha, the fifth largest bike producer in India is all set to start a new plant which will make them increase their market share. The proposed plant will have a capacity to deliver one million units per annum.

With the new plant, Yamaha is planning to enter the automatic scooter market and to launch new series of motorcycles. The bikes will be of 200cc capacity and will be on the lines of SZ series.

To become more popular in rural areas, Yamaha is setting up 400 small sized sales points which will act as an extension counters to their dealers. Eventhough India is the second largest motorcycle market, Yamaha has not been able to capitalise in this industry till the date.

Responding to the rumours that Yamaha will partner with Mahindra two-wheelers, they clarified that there is no such plans for Yamaha and they made it clear that they are not looking for any business partnership with other companies.

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