Bajaj 'Boxer 150' to hit Egyptian two wheeler market

It's not a new news that Indian automobile companies are looking for markets outside India. For them, the usual markets were some Latin American and South Asian countries. Now, Bajaj company is launching their Boxer 150 in the Egyptian market.

The highlight of new Boxer 150 is the 'ExhausTec Technology' which makes the bike more fuel efficient and environment friendly. The company has made it clear that their new product is very much apt for the requirements of Egyptian market.

For enhancing and popularising the company name, Bajaj auto has come up with a promotional event named 'Bajaj Marathon' in which 15 Boxer and 150 bikers will travel around Egypt covering a distance of 2500 km showing the strength and quality of new bike.

Bajaj with its new motor cycle is aiming the middle class and the low income people of Egypt. The Egyptian market which is been ruled by Chinese automobile companies is thus facing a new threat in the form of Bajaj auto. The Chinese bikes are facing many problems such as engine overheating and excessive vibrations making them highly unreliable.

The Bajaj company is cent percent confident of the success of their new product in Egypt. 'Ghabbour auto' which has a wide network of dealers and branches all over Egypt is assembling and marketing the product in the Egyptian market.

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