Procedure for re-registration of bike

If the registration of your bike has expired, you need to re register it before the expiry date of registration. Otherwise you will have to pay fine of more than 2000 Rs.

The procedure for renewing RC book in Kerala is given below.

Fill up Form 25. And submit it along with RC book, Insurance and pollution certificate. The fees is around 300 to 400 rupees. The vehicle has to undergo fitness test also.

Make sure you present the bike to the vehicle inspector in good condition. Otherwise the inspector can reject the application saying the vehicle is not fit for usage.

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Your renewed RC book will be sent to your address in RC book. If you want to change the address in your RC book, you can fill up Form 33 and submit it along the application for renewal. You need to attach attested photostat of your address proof also.
By on 05-10-2011
Do we need to repaint before going for re-registration of the vehicle? Is it mandatory?
By on 13-05-2015
Its better to repaint the vehicle so that it looks like new. If you had altered the paint scheme, revert it to the original.
By on 08-06-2017

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