82,459 Miles, 503 Days, 22 Countries & 1 Man, Alex Chacon

The Modern Motorcycle Diaries by Alex Chacon

It's the story and the dream come true moments of a hardcore motorcycle enthusiast. Alex Chacon, the man from Texas, USA is one hell of a rider, who fulfilled what everyone dream since the birth of motorcycles.

Coupling all the luggage, waving bye-bye to the closed ones and goes into the world of riding. Riding all the 82, 459 miles (1,32,705 kms) crossing 22 national boundaries and it took 503 days!

Alex Chacon, the Modern Motorcycle Diaries

How courageous he must be to make such a long journey and it's alone. None to help in nights. It's all he himself alone did.

Alex Chacon, the Modern Motorcycle Diaries

Narrow roads, where a single absence of mind could cause death of the rider. But, when these obstacles are hurdled, you could see a beautiful world.

Alex Chacon, the Modern Motorcycle Diaries

It's unrevealed how much Alex Chacon had to spend for this expensive trip. Whatever the trip cost his is least bothered here. Because it's just once in a life time and a dream for many motorcycle enthusiasts. But, it's not the same story with Alex.

Alex Chacon, the Modern Motorcycle Diaries

Alex is a consultant, expedition leader, research and logistics, tour guide and operator, photographer, and videographer at Your Expedition South, which is a consulting solution to adventure riding and travel in Latin America. And he has been tripping such rides since 10 years with clients, tour companies as well as solo.

Alex Chacon, the Modern Motorcycle Diaries

Now checkout the ride he has just scrambled to the heart of every motorcycle fancier.

Photo courtesy: Alex Chacon
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