Gogoro Crossover Launch in India: A New Era Begins December 12, 2023

Gogoro Crossover: Taiwan's Electric Marvel Set to Electrify Indian Roads


December 12, 2023, marks a milestone in India's electric vehicle landscape as Taiwan's electric two-wheeler giant, Gogoro, announces the launch of its first product in India - the Gogoro Crossover, all Indian people are eagerly waiting for this model to launch in India. Gogoro Crossover was launched on the month of october which got a wide range of attraction through its unique design and style.

Gogoro Crossover Launch In India

Design and Features:

Crafted for the urban adventurer, the Gogoro Crossover boasts a robust design with fork gaiters, 12-inch Maxxis dual-purpose tyres, and striking black bodywork. It's not just about looks; practicality is key, with ample storage space and a 1,400 mm wheelbase. The scooter’s stability and handling are enhanced by its steel tubular frame and efficient disc brakes at both ends.

Gogoro Crossover Expected Price

Performance and Specifications:

Underpinning its performance is a 142 mm ground clearance, designed for city landscapes. The Crossover is powered by a 7 kW motor and dual battery packs, offering a 100 km range. For the Indian market, we might see a more cost-effective version, balancing performance with affordability.

Gogoro Crossover S Pics

Utility and Adaptability:

A standout feature is the scooter's versatile split seats, doubling as cargo space. Gogoro also introduces a range of practical storage accessories, making the Crossover a top choice for daily commuters and delivery services alike.

Gogoro Crossover Details

Market Strategy and Expansion:

Gogoro's strategy includes both consumer and business markets, with a focus on the latter. Assembled in Maharashtra, the Crossover is aimed at revolutionizing last-mile deliveries in collaboration with partners like Swiggy and Zomato. The establishment of swappable battery stations, starting in Gurugram, further underscores Gogoro's commitment to sustainable urban transport solutions.

Gogoro Crossover Upcoming


With the Gogoro Crossover's launch, India's electric vehicle sector is set to witness a new chapter. Combining style, functionality, and eco-friendliness, the Crossover is more than just a scooter; it's a symbol of the future of urban mobility in India.
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