Upcoming Maxi-Scooters in India

This low capacity maxi-scooters is expected to take the Indian roads by the end of 2018.

We Indians are unfamiliar with Maxi-scooter culture. However, other South Asian countries and some European countries have been using this mode of motorcycle for years. Now, it is time for our market to welcome a bunch of these gorgeous looking scooters.

1) Suzuki Burgman Street

Burgman Street

Burgman Street is the smallest iteration of the legendary maxi-scooter Suzuki Burgman 650. This Street version gets 125cc, single cylinder engine found in the popular Access 125 scooter. Aesthetically, the scooter looks like a miniature version of the big scooter. It was introduced at the 2018 Auto Expo alongside the GSX S-750 and Fuel Injection version of Intruder 150. Once it is launched, the Burgman Street will become the first big size scooter to roam on the Indian soil. Burgman Street is expected to be priced above the Access 125. Moreover, it is supposed to feature front disc brake and single-channel ABS braking.

2) Yamaha NMAX 155

NMAX 155

NMAX 155 is one of the most popular scooters in South East Asia. It is massive, powerful and stylish looking scooter. Road presence of NMAX is superb. Not only it looks stylish, the utility features of this scooter is also outstanding. Yamaha is expected to launch this scooter by the late 2018s.

3) Honda PCX 150

PCX 150

Honda PCX 150 is one of the favorites maxi-scooters of the world. An electric version of the PCX was showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo. However, the Japanese makers are keen to introduce both the electric and petrol variants in the country by the end of this year. Honda is gaining more mileage in the Indian premises with their automatic scooters, and the introduction of PCX will escalate the process to a whole new level.
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