BMW Unveiled Their Futuristic Concept Model The Concept-Link

It is a zero-emission, electric scooter made for urban mobility

After the groundbreaking introduction of their futuristic concept motorcycle the Vision Next 100, the Bavarian motorcycle makers are again in the limelight. This time BMW Motorrad has come up with something exciting. They had taken the covers of their scooter-concept called, "The BMW Motorrad Concept Link". And it is the representation of BMW's vision for the future of electric two-wheelers.

This electric concept scooter was displayed at the annual Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este event held at Italy. The Concept Link Zero-emission scooter was inspired by the self-balancing Vision Next-100 motorcycle unveiled last year. According to the Design Head of BMW Motorrad, Mr. Edgar Heinrich, the Concept Link is more than a concept and it is rather a symbol of a new era.

Bmw Concept 2

This Zero Emission scooter is powered by a compact electric motor driven by large flat batteries well placed in the underfloor of the scooter. The whole scooter is covered in Matte Black and Grey skin. BMW has adopted completely new design style for the Concept Link with a mixture of covered and uncovered parts. The unlikely shape of this scooter suits urban mobility with its low overall height. Moreover, the electric motor provides faster acceleration and easy handling. And the seats can be adjusted from sport single seater to a much comfortable two-seat rider. Underneath those seats, there is a utility space which can be accessed easily by sliding.

Bmw Concept Link 1

The BMW Concept Link would become one of the most advanced and sophisticated machines in the near future. It can act as a motorcycle as well as a communicative device at the same time. All our online accounts can be connected to this scooter so that, it can sync with our calendar and workouts the places where we want to go and suggests, easiest of the routes. The conventional dashboard system has been dropped and Concept Link uses the windscreen to display the speed, battery status, navigation and all relevant data with a touch sensitive display.

Bmw Concept 3

Bmw Concept 4

With the introduction of Concept Link alongside the much futuristic Vision Next 100, BMW is forecasting a motorcycle revolution in near future.
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