ETI Dynamics Introduces The Solar-Electric Hybrid Scooter

A scooter that can run on both solar energy and electricity

As every single day passes, the human population is slowly heading into an unknown territory where resources are scarce, there will be no fuel to run cars, and where buying energy will turn out to be a costly affair. Right now, the changes are clearly evident. Temperatures rising, pollution levels of cities are on an all time high and the need to develop an attitude to conserve the resources is highly warranted.

To curb the issues plaguing planet Earth, ETI Dynamics, a group that has taken the initiative to bring down the usage of non – renewable resources, has come up with a prototype that makes use of the sun's energy to drive the motor. They have developed a scooter that runs on solar energy but the scooter is still undergoing testing and costs Rs 50,000/-. It's a 'solar – electric hybrid' and it belongs to the hybrid group because the scooter can make use of electricity as well as solar energy to power the batteries. The solar cells are placed on a canopy that might as well protect the rider from the sun. Once the batteries are fully charged, the hybrid scooter would be able to go 50 kms and can hit a maximum of 45 km/h, the company claims.

Eti Dynamics Scooter

ETI Dynamics has its headquarters based in London, UK and Delhi, India. However, the company does not have any manufacturing units in India but is also looking forward to establish a collaboration with engineering institutions and auto manufacturers to help the company take its hybrid to hit the roads by 2016. As a pilot project, the company would be introducing the hybrid scooter to select cities and conduct a feasibility study based on it. The company would also be introducing mobile applications to let the rider know where to find recharge points.

Solar Hybrid Scooter

The company is looking at widening the usage of solar energy and is trying to implement the same on autorickshaws and buses as well. The Indian market for electric vehicles is not seeing a rapid growth due to several misconceptions and lack of awareness among the public besides such vehicles getting a heavy price tag. The future prospects of bringing such technology to mobility and transport can help a great deal in bringing down emissions and also to cut down the rate of fuel use.

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