BMW And TVS Heading For A New High

BMW and TVS are planning to make an entry soon

The partnership between TVS and BMW has been much talked about over the past couple of months and recent reports suggest that BMW is looking at sharing a common platform with TVS to develop entry level – medium performance bikes and also create a space for transferring the technical know – how from the German engineering wizards to TVS.

Speaking to the media recently, the President and CEO of BMW Motorrad, Mr Stephan Schaller said that the partnership with TVS will hopefully enable BMW to make a promising entry into the Indian market and rule the sales charts with the development of several models in the future and establish a stronghold within the market. When asked of the first offering for the Indian rider, Mr Schaller pointed at a single-cylinder 300cc engine with the engineering done completely by BMW and did not speak much regarding sharing the engine with TVS to add to their bikes. However, Mr Schaller said that TVS would be allowed to use the platform created for BMW's bikes, enabling TVS to use the platform to launch bikes of their own.

tvs-bmw pact

The projected entry of BMW with TVS comes at a time when the much – happening segment of the 200cc – 300cc+ range is dominated by the Bajaj – KTM duo. KTM's offerings have seen tremendous response from the Indian buyers and has a lot of appeal especially to the younger generation. BMW is a world renowned manufaturer of both cars and bikes and much of their products are equipped with the best of technology on offer to make the ride safe and also comfortable to the rider coupled with world class engines that offer adequate power.

Bmw Tvs Bike Spy

A test bike codenamed 'K-03' was caught doing its initial testing in Europe and the anticipation from the Indian riding community would surely want the bike to head to India and possibly make the launch by the end of the year.

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