Regal Raptor To Do Business In India

JRS Industries to be rebranded as Fabulous and Beyond (FAB) Enterprises

When US President Obama befriended Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it was expected that India would strengthen the bonds and continue to establish several tie-up business enterprises with US firms.

But who would have thought of the famous Regal Raptor motorcycles to start a new business line-up in our country?

The Regal Raptor motorcycles, which are designed in the US, has plans of starting up a new business venture in India, after the success of the American-based UM Motorcycles' launch in India. With over 39 dealerships all over the world, Regal Raptor has decided to expand its sales in India by merging and rebranding the existing JRS Industries, as Fabulous and Beyond Motors (FAB). With the onset of this venture, the Regal Raptor line-up consisting of the Chopper, Cruiser, Sports and Custom-made motorcycles are expected to make an entry into the Indian Motorcycle Markets soon.

Regal Raptor India

The news about this venture was revealed at the Hyderabad International Auto Show 2015, which is currently going on.

After setting up its new base in India, Regal raptors has plans to get hold of the Exclusive Manufacturing rights, and would export its bikes to Sri Lanka, Nepal Bhutan, Pakistan and the Middle-East countries.

The motorcycle line-up in the Regal Raptor series would be imported as CKD units, while a major share of its components would be manufactured in India itself to make it more affordable in this series. However, the components of the first establishing units of the bikes have already been ordered and would be assembled in India, according to the customer's requirements, for sales in India and export to the neighbouring countries. As per statements in the official press releases, the aim of the Fab Motors India is to focus on white collar class, upper working class and the higher wage bunch categories. The vision of the organisation is to offer best bikes with best quality to all classifications of individuals.

About JRS Industries, Hyderabad

JRS Industries, a two and half decade old brand in Furniture fabricating industry in Hyderabad and South India, now attacks into Retails Sector—Multi Brand Electronics, Furniture, Furnishings and Automobiles skims in another organization FabB (Fabulous and Beyond Enterprises Pvt. Ltd).

About Regal Raptor Motorcycles, USA

Regal Raptor is a US based organization and goes under the Lifeng Group, with its production unit being in Shanghai. The Lifeng Group was set up in the year 1962 by Mr. Horse Zhang, one among the several prominent industrialists in China. A company which began 24 years back, the Regal Raptor was born in 1990. It has spread its wings over 39 countries and established dealerships and made a mark in Western, Middle East and Asian countries. Currently, FaB Regal Raptor production and assembly unit is to be situated in Telangana, however the schedule for an official launch of the brand has not yet been declared.

About The Line-Up Of Bikes For India

The Indian line-up would feature the Bobber, the Daytona 350 and the DD-350E-9B, which are controlled by comparative motors, and just vary in style, and there have been speculations arising about a 2-year warranty period for the bikes.

Powered by a 320 cc, water-cooled, fuel-injected, parallel twin-barrel engine adding to a maximum power of 22.8bhp at 8500 rpm and maximum torque to be evaluated at 22Nm at 6500 rpm, the Bobber is the first to arrive in the line-up series. The Bobber 350 can be estimated at a normal cost of Rs 3.23 lakhs and reaches upto 60 Km/hr from a standstill in 3.5 seconds, while fixing out at 130 Km/hr. The bobber-esque fuel tank has a fuel capacity of only 8 litres, while the bike weighs at 170kg.

Next in line is the Daytona 350 which is made with a style resembling the chopper, and will be controlled by the same 320 cc, water-cooled, fuel-injected twin-barrel engine adding to a maximum power of 22.8bhp at 8500 rpm, and a top torque of 22Nm at 6500 rpm. Fuel tank limit goes up to 15 liters, and the Daytona measures 180kg. Like the Bobber, it can likewise be had at a cost of Rs 3.23 lakhs and does a 0-60 Km/hr dash in 3.5 seconds, while fixing out at 130 Km/hr.

The third one to be launched comes with a fairly impressive name, the DD-350E-9B, which values Indian money more and is being aptly priced at Rs 2.96 lakhs. This cruiser bike gets its power from the same engine as the other two bikes and gets a compression ratio of 10.2 : 1, while featuring a Delphi-sourced ECU. Its performance additionally continues as before. Fuel tank limit is evaluated at 14 litres, while the DD–350E–9B weighs 180kg. All the bikes arriving in the first line-up series would have their engines mated to a 5-speed gearbox.
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