2015 Bajaj Pulsar Line-Up

Bajaj to Introduce New Faces Among the Pulsar Series

2015 Bajaj series of bikes are yet to be revealed by the company. Though speculations have been raised by buyers across the globe, no final update from the company has yet been known.


Coming soon is the last update about the Bajaj's new flagship in the Pulasr series. The 160 NS is designed similar to that of its 200cc model, the 200 NS. The look and feel of the bike share the same as that of the 200 NS from Bajaj. Though speculations are that a powerfull 159cc enginge is installed to power up the 160 NS. Rumours have been going on about the launch of this bike. Viewrs and bike riders across the country are in great dilema regarding the power of the bike as there are questions about which engine or model the next NS series is to be launched. The company hasn't updates any news regarding the 150/160 NS to be launched. Regardless of the absence in updated information, many other websites have listed out both 150 and 160 NS. The only speculation till now is that the bike would be replicating the design and styling of the 200 NS.


The line-up of the Pulsar series of bikes from Bajaj starts with the 200 SS, a much user rated bike even before its announcement or launch details. The 200 SS is a younger brother of the 400 SS, which is yet another Pulsar series of bike that is to be launched soon. Look wise, both 200 and 400 SS share the same build design and styling. With a 199.5cc Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Triple Spark engine the bike is expected to produce a maximum power output of 23.17 Bhp at 9500 rpm and an 18.3Nm of total torque is delivered at the rate of 8000 rpm. Transmission system includes a 6-speed gear box which shifts quickly to gain maximum speed. Installing a 280mm front and 230mm rear disc brakes ensures more safety for the riders. Balance is never a question when the bike comes with a 37mm Telescopic Front Fork with Anti Friction Brush and a Nitrox Mono Shock Absorber with piggy back gas canister rear suspension. The instrument cluster includes an all digital meter except for the tachometer. Rumours about the colour option in which the bike will be available specifies a few colour combinations, such as the Cocktail Wine Red, Ebony Black, Saphire Blue and Pearl Metallic White.


The much awaited Pulsar 400 SS (Super Support) from Bajaj has announced it's launch in the mid of 2015 in India. The bike is to be launched in a price tag of 1.8 lakhs. Promising features of the bike includes a compact wheelbase with a radical styling. A powerful 373cc Single Cylinder engine equips this machine to give maximum output of 44 Bhp at 9500 rpm and 35 Nm of torque at 7500 rpm. Although the model comes in with default braking system, the ABS variant is also expected to be launched with a slightly higher price range.

Bajaj Pulsar 400SS

A 6-speed transmission system is expected to take the bike to a higher level of performance. Safety measures include a 300mm front Disc braking system and a 230mm rear Disc braking system. Balance and smooth riding experience is guaranteed by installing a telescopic front and monoshock rear suspension system. Colour options available for the buyers are listed as two shade combinations, mainly, Red and Black, Yellow and Black, Blue and Black and an all Black variant. The bike is expected to show up within three to four months time period.


Bajaj reveals the all new Pulsar 400 CS (Cruiser Sport) variant among the Pulsar series of bikes to be launched in the end of 2015. The bike is expected to be launched in the market with a price tag of 2 lakhs. The bike uses a triple-spark technology with a 375cc engine which is similar to that of the KTM Duke 390. The engine is capable of producing the exact same ratio of power and torque as the Pulsar 400 SS which is the sports model of the CS (Naked Bike model).

Bajaj Pulsar 400CS

The bike features as announced will consist of a Dual lighting system in a single head lamp, both HID and LED lamps in the headlights. It also comes in with a two-all digital instrument cluster showing the rev counter and the fuel tank information on the top and bottom respectively. Transmission system includes a 6-speed gear box system which is expected to take the bike to a next level of speed. Though the bike raves at a high rate of rave, balance and comfort is ensured by the pre loaded set of suspension system. A suspension system similar to that of the 400 SS is been installed in the 400 CS as well. Typically the bike is just the Naked version of the 400 SS sports bike. Colour option in which the bike would be available in the market is not yet revealed. Yet reviews speak that the bike would be available in four main colours, Wine Red, Ebony Black, Saphire Blue and Pearl Metallic White.
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