The Intermot Show: Who all are gonna be there!

Bikes to be exhibited at the Intermot show September

Surprises are always nice aren't they? Never knowing whom you are going to meet tomorrow. Well, I can pretty much tell you whom you are gonna meet on the roads tomorrow. When I say tomorrow, I could mean any day in coming months or even 2015. Because I am talking, about the talk of the town. The Intermot show Bikes!. With teasers and news flooding us from every direction, we have been eager to know who all are going to be there this time. I can help you there. Meet the main attractions of the Show right here.

2015 Moto Gucci V7 II
Motto Gucci has been holding on to suspense concerning its new model V7 II. And finally they have decided to let us take a sneak view at the this new machine which will be releases in the Intermot show. A long with the new six speed gear box is expected to add to the overall performance of the bike to 750cc- 90degree-v-twin. The place of the engine also seems to have changed a bit to the comfort of the riders. Two channel ABS and traction control is also expected to be available in this model.

Moto Guzzi V7 2

KTM 1290 Super Adventure
Ktm 1190 has been fabulous, is it possible to make it any better than that? Answer will be KTM 1290 super adventure which is to be showcased at the Intermot show. This one is positioned by the company as a high end sports tourer. 1290 has been certainly improved in terms of the increased fuel tank capacity, height of the windshield and new vents in the side covers for better heat emission. Advanced electronics are also expected in this model.

KTM Super Adventure 1290

Ducati Pannigale R – champion ship winning super bike
This is not a debut show for Ducati but a proud moment. Because intermot show 2014 will be exhibiting its champion ship bike 1199 Pannigale R at cologne, germany. Pannigale has been constanly on the winning side with 11 out of the 15 chamiponships won. Latest of its achievements , was the manufacturer title at the penultimate round of the German Superbike championship (IDM),  With the much acclaimed riders Forex and Neukirchner visiting the trade show at the opening day on 30th Pannigale R has certainley cemented its reputation within the world's motorcycle history.

Panigale R

Ducati scrambler 2014
Though the award winning super bike is on the exhibit, Ducati does have something under the veil to thrill its fan, The 2014 version of Ducati Scrambler. In a way scrambler is a tribute to the older scrambler versions of 1960's and 70's. Those were bare to bone single cylinder versions bikes with 125cc to 450 cc displacement. We know that Ducati doesn't draw lines when it comes to creation and design. After the exhibition at Intermot, scrambler is expected to go on sale by the first half of 2014.

Ducati Scrambler

BMW Mottard model
The name does strike a chord in you heart, doesn't it? Well they have named one of the models that they will be unveiling at the Intermot show, the BMW S 1000 RR super bike. The S 1000 RR model is already a mind blowing machine with dynamic riding models that adjust suspension settings, ABS settings and traction control. The company has announced that new model is expected to blow all these benchmarks away.

BMW Mottard S 1000 RR

Kawasaki Ninja H2
All eyes are resting on Kawasaki now as they have released a kick-ass trailer of New super bike H2 right at the beginning of September. Company has been infuriatingly quiet about the details of this one, and we have to hold onto is the tag line itself "Built beyond belief".

Ninja H2
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