EBR is Working on a New Production Superbike

The upcoming machine will have the engine that developed in the EBR's production plant.

The American premium sportsbike manufacturer, Erik Buell Racing (EBR), is working on a new motorbike. By posting a picture of the upcoming bike on its official facebook page, the company announced the arrival of its production machine. However, the firm hasn't shared anything about the machine except some stuffs regarding it.

The firm has confirmed that the engine of the upcoming motorcycle is being built by the company itself in the production house of EBR at East Troy, Wisconsin, in the USA. When asked whether the new bike would be using the engine of Rotax, the small motorcycle unit replied that it was an EBR engine and was being built in its own factory. The company also added that they were not reworking on the same engine. That's the firm is not tuning up the engine that is used in the one and only existing model of EBR, the 1190RS. Still, it's not all to wind up the matter. Anyway, one thing is clear that the bike's engine is being built in its own plant.

Erik Buell Racing RX Teased

"We are building the engine here, not getting engines from Rotax and reworking!," commented the company

These words slightly make us to think that the upcoming EBR machine will be equipped with the same engine that is used in the 1190RS.

The official website of EBR displays the 'RX', 'SX', and the 'AX' as the new models. So, it is likely to be the 'RX'.

"This is an EBR engine, not Rotax. We are building them in East Troy!," replied the firm to a fan.

Erik Buell Racing 1190RS

Rotax, is an Austrian engine manufacturer which develops and produces four-stroke and advanced two-stroke engines.

"Actually Rotax does not make any parts on this engine now. They used to machine three components on it, but all other parts came from outside component suppliers. They were quite involved in the base design of the 1125 Buell motor which is the basis for this motor, and did assembly of that engine for Buell. But the 1190 engine is being assembled at EBR," said the frim.

Recently, Hero MotoCorp had bought 49.2% share of EBR. Still, Hero has no business with the manufacturing of the new EBR bike.

"Well some is true, such as that Hero is not making any parts for EBR, however, Rotax is not making castings for us either. Maybe the person was not really an EBR engineer," added the company.
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