GPS navigation tracking system for bikes in India

Gone are the days when you would ask every passer-by for directions while riding your bike to a new or unknown destination, we now have the latest technology in the guise of GPS navigation tracking system in our hands that proves to be the North Star for bikers heading towards unfamiliar places. Not just in guiding you with directions they are handy tools for the bike rental companies, which are a rage these days to keep a track on their expensive bikes, although it can be another expensive add-on to the bike. But if you should own an expensive bike then it's a cool and must have accessory.

GPS navigation tracking system for bikes in India

However, the very mention of this tracking system might have surfaced many questions and doubts in your mind, well that should not be an issue, we will look at the reviews of GPS tracking to know more about these useful gadgetry. But before that it is important to mention that a bike-tracking device is simply not to show you the direction from point A to B, in fact it is also helpful in case your vehicle get stolen; easy to track it with this device. This is just one important benefit for more such features read on.

This is the first GPS system devised for bikes in India and was launched by MapMyIndia way back in 2010. The device comes loaded with mapping of about 620 cities and has an FM transmitter, which gives directional guidance by voice. It is also a waterproof device.

Other features include FM receiver for helmets to receive the voice and comes with Music as well as video playback facility. Maps of about 620 cities database including streets, and details come preloaded in the device that include 576,000 towns and even villages that are connected by respective state and national highways. Maps of destinations including tourist places of interest, business societies, ATMs, petrol pump stations, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, national sanctuaries and parks, etc. are loaded in this device. The device with a touchscreen size of 3.5 inches is fit to the handlebar and is expensive one @17k to 19k and doesn't fit conveniently on bikes having clip-on handlebars. Also the capacitive screen of Trailblazer makes it difficult to use with gloved hands.

GPS navigation tracking system for bikes in India

Then there is SONIK GPS solution for your motorcycle which could be a smart move and thanks to the technological advancement that vehicle tracking systems are so helpful and effective while navigating and SONIK is one such device with umpteen features that can make touring on your bike a hassle-free ride. Here are the product features:
- Real time tracking can be done through the internet: the web-based interface allows users to access their account information in the GPS device can be accessed practically from anytime and at anywhere from a computer of course.
- Notification via email and on cell phones: An alert message is sent to your email account or your mobile phone if there is crossing of geofence boundary/detection of speeding threshold. Therefore, you get notifications of the bike location and information while your loved ones are riding towards a new destination or on a long journey.
- The device tracks and monitors maximum speed of the bike, wherein the rider can pre-set the threshold speed limit of the bike and in case he/she exceeds the set limit you will receive a notification on your cell or on your mail. And it also alerts you with geofence violations.
- You can get road and satellite aerial maps for the listed roads
- In case if the device does not receive 12V power from the battery, you will be alerted through sms or email.
- The battery backup will run for around 7 to 14 days, which is based on the usage of the device.
- Apart from these benefits there are other features such vibration sensor, which tells you if the vehicle is moved without being on or an indication if the ignition is on/off and also features tether switch that sends an SMS or E-mail to the recipient if he/she is thrown off the motorbike.
The tracking device has many benefits for a rider but there is one factor that could irritate you a bit and that is satellite acquisition time might take a few minutes, which largely depends on connectivity.

GPS navigation tracking system for bikes in India

NAVIGO (Global positions system)
This is another tracking device that makes riding a pleasurable experience and the fact that it is a one-time investment is all the more reason to sport it on your bike. And the best part is you do not have spend any recurring cost for any kind of services whatsoever because the device receives the entire data from the satellite directly. The device can direct you to 200 different cities in India and has 34 categories with various features on the map that indicates different street addresses. The device can be connected to the AC/DC of your car/motorcycle. Not only this, the device can be used outside as well; the only thing is, you will have to alter the settings, that is it.

The device comes with a lowest price of 5k and the hi-end model would cost you 15k. SpiN Telematics Pvt. Ltd is the manufacturer of NAVIGO is located in Bengaluru and they feature eight products.

GPS navigation tracking system for bikes in India

All said, one thing that I would like to mention here is that the above-discussed GPS tracking devices are no doubt very helpful and make your riding safe and secure but as mentioned earlier, these devices receive all data from the satellite and therefore connectivity becomes key factor, which might consume a lot of time to download maps and directions when you need them really urgent. Additionally, unlike foreign roads we have many people to ask for directions so investing 15-20k on a device seems tad expensive. If you have a GPS enabled smartphone you don't even need to buy this device just a handlebar mount is enough and you are good to go. Other than these shortcomings, the GPS tracking system for bikes can indeed make people touring lot easier and hassle free.
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