7 Hurdles That Can Make Your Bike Insurance Inefficient

A quick ride through all the challenges that may come in the way of your bike insurance and what you should do about it.

You love your bike and as a means to protect it, you bought a bike insurance. When people only get the minimum third-party bike insurance to ride legally, you got the comprehensive policy so you could protect and care for your own bike and yourself completely. It's been couple of months. You've been riding your bike around town. You're even going on some of those bike road trips you always wanted to go for. There's nothing like the sound and feel of the open roads. You love the gush of the winds while you ride through and at the ease with which you can navigate through muddled lanes and congested traffic scenes. You've made it through all these months without any claims, accidents or troubles...until now. Unfortunately, your bike gets into an accident and now you're in the process of making your claims, figuring how insurance actually works in real time and worried about whether you'll be covered for all that's gone wrong or not, as you figure out the many hurdles that come in the way to use your bike insurance efficiently. Likewise, there are many bikers like you who are yet to figure things out and know only so much about their bike insurance. So, we're here to help with just that. Right from the hurdles that seem to come your way, and what you can do about it, so that your bike and you benefit the most out of your bike insurance.

1. When Just Making a Claim Takes Ages

The first thing to do when something goes wrong is, make a claim! However, so many bikers often find this process tedious and time consuming given how, depending on your insurance company- making a claim can involve either making calls, writing emails and then waiting for a response. However, given that things are going digital now, many insurance companies have made their claim processes online. So, making a claim will only take you few minutes now. So, whether you already have a two-wheeler insurance or are going to renew yours soon, make sure it's digital friendly 🙂

2. Too Late for Support

Unfortunately, something's wrong and you need support. But, it's too late at night and you can't reach out to your insurer. This happens only when your insurer probably doesn't have 24x7 support. This can unintentionally cause a lot more time and damage that one may think. Hence, always make sure your insurer at least comes with 24x7 support so you can always count on them!

3. Delayed Surveyor Visits

Typically, when you make a claim for any damage related to your bike, a surveyor visits you to inspect the claimed damages. Unfortunately, this process takes so much time that one starts wondering if the insurance is even worth all the trouble. However, lucky for you- today there are insurers who let you assess and inspect your damages yourself. For instance; Digit's two-wheeler insurance lets you make a claim via their self-inspecting app, that can be done in under 7 minutes! This way, your claim process is instantly a lot quicker and you can get your claim settled sooner than ever.

4. The Wrong IDV

The IDV is nothing but the market value of your bike. While buying a bike insurance, you or your insurer would have used this to set your insurance premium and your Sum Insured. However, sometimes people aren't careful and in hopes for a lower premium rate often end up with the wrong IDV! This comes across as a big hurdle because at the time of a claim, your sum insured would be less and not as per the actual value of your bike. The best way to avoid such situations is, pick an insurance that lets you customize your IDV. This way everything is transparent, and you know for sure what to expect.

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5. Delayed Payments and Repairs

Most of the time, people find settling claims such a drag because of the time and processes involved in the way insurance has generally worked over the years. However, things have changed now and thanks to technology, everything is only getting quicker. Likewise, Digit's two-wheeler insurance lets their policyholders take advance cash for repairs during a claim. This way, you can make a claim and get your bike repaired right when you need to instead of waiting for lengthy processes to finish.

6. Lack of Partner Garages and Workshops

If you're a biker yourself, you know how crucial it is to have a workshop at convenient places. After all, you never know when you might need to visit one. Many times, bikers face an obstacle when their insurance providers don't have enough workshops to suit their needs during claims. So, one of the things to look at is availability of garages and workshops by your insurer so you know that you will always be covered.

7. Lengthy Claim Settlements

The whole point of getting a bike insurance is so you can get your claims settled in times of need and after investing in an insurance, the last thing you want it for settlements to take forever! Sadly, this is also one of the most common obstacles faced by most people. The only way to make sure you avoid this is look at different insurance companies claim settlement periods, look at their benefits and of course, check how technology friendly they are. Keeping all factors in mind, you should be able to pick the right two-wheeler insurance (while you're looking to get a new one or renew your current one!) and avoid any of the hurdles that usually come in the way!
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