Desirable Properties Of A Tyre Used In Motorcycles And Cars

Here, we are listing out some of the required properties of a tyre.

Basic technical knowledge is essential for driving both motorcycle and car. Then only one could came across the importance of each and every componenet of an automobile. One such important or most essential part of automobiles are tyres. It is one such part, which has to deal with many tough operations. All the initial impacts and stress are firstly carried out by the tyres. Not only that it has to guide and hold the vehicle on an uneven grounds or slippy tarmac. In order to perform all such functions, it should have some desirable properties.

Some of it are:

1) Non-Skidding

It has to be the most important property of the tyre. This property depends on the tread pattern on the tyre surface. In order to prevent skidding, the tread pattern must be designed to permit least amount of skidding on both dry and wet roads.

2) Uniform Wear

The non-skidding property of the tyre depends on wearing of the tyre. It is very essential that, tyre wearing should be uniform for all wheels and it depends on the wheel alignment axle of the vehicle. Ribbed tyre pattern enables uniform wearing of the tyre.

Uneven Tyre Wear

3) Load Carrying capacity

The performance of the vehicle depends on this particular property. As tyre is the only part get in contact with surface, it has to deal with alternating stresses during each revolution of the wheel. The design and the material with which it is made must be able to ensure that, the tyre is able enough to sustain these stresses.


Cushioning effect could be provided by tyres by absorbing small high frequency vibrations set up by the road surfaces. It comes very handy on bumpy roads and uneven pavments. Comfort level of the vehicle depends on the cushioning effect of tyres.

5) Power Consumption

Tyres usually came across many forces and one such important force is frictional force. It occurs due to the high friction between tread rubber and road surfaces. Other than that, hysterisis loss is also developed on tyres when it is continuously fixed and released by the power coming from the engine should be least possible. From tyres made from natural rubber, synthetic tyres consume more power while rolling.

6) Tyre Noise

Tyre noise should be always minimum, usually, tyre noise occur in the form of a definite patter sing, a sequel or a loud road noise.

7) Balancing

Tyres are one of the rotating component of the automobile, which always contact with the surface. Being a rotating part, it has to be balanced statically as well as dynamically. Whobbling of the wheel or tramping occurs in the absence of periodic wheel balancing.

Wheel Balancer
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