Tyre Designations

Some of the basic and relevant information regarding the wheels and tyres of motorcycles and cars.

The invention of the wheel took place in the Neolithic age. This round shaped object later became one of the most indispensable stuff for humans. And the wheels alone paved the way for invention of automobiles. Without the engine the car may be towed, but even that is not possible without the wheels. The wheel, along with the tyre has to take the vehicle load, provide a cushioning effect and cope with the steering control. Like all living creatures, this wheels and tyres had also gone through several evolution process. Thanks to the advancing science and technology.

All moving and non-moving parts of a car or a two-wheeler are equally important to each other, so do tyres and wheels. A whole branch of engineering is behind the manufacturing and working of tyres. So, let’s discuss some basic information about the tyres.

How to read a tyre

Identifying or to read a tyre is not a mammoth task. It is not at all a rocket science and it requires only the understanding of codes and numbers written on the tyre walls. Whether it is a two-wheeler or car tyre, all required data about that particular tyre usually writes on its outer walls.
Take this picture as an example:

Tyre Reading

205/55 R16 91 V is the markings on this particular car tyre.
205-stands for the width of the tyre in mm, which is measured between side walls of the tyres.
55–stands for the aspect ratio of the tire. It is the percentage representation of ratio of sidewall’s section height to the tyre’s section width.
R–the alphabet ‘R’ represents Radial tyres. Radial tyres are most advanced tyres with longer life and superior grip and control on road surfaces. It costs more than conventional tyres. The construction of radial tyres are different from conventional tyres.
16–represents the overall diameter of wheels in inches.
91–indicates the load capacity of tyres. It varies according to the types and purpose of the vehicle.
V–it is the speed rating of the tyre. Speed limit of each and every tyres are described in the form of alphabets from P to Y and ZR. V type tyres have a speed rating of 149kmph and ZR tyres are meant for 149 and above.

Tyre Designation Reading

Tubeless and tube type tyres are also indicated with TL and TT symbols, along with other readings on the tyres respectively. The readings are quiet common for both motorcycles, cars and heavy-duty vehicles as the only difference may happens with the order of inscriptions.
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