Battery Recycling

Throuwing away the used battery is harmful to our earth. It is suggested to do recycling and reuse.

It is advised that a used battery must be handled very carefully. It is not supposed to through away anywhere you like. Because, the lead element in the battery causes severe problems both to our environment and human beings. So it is our duty to place the used batteries in the mentioned places. The best solution in the case of used batteries is to recycle them and to reuse them.

Lead is the major portion of a battery. But if it is not handled well, it will surely cause hazardous harms. We must not smelt it simply. Smelting it in the open ovens by unauthorised guys may cause the escape of lead particles into the air. It will diffuse soil and contaminate groundwater, pollute all organic life such as, vegetation, fish, meat, poultry, livestock and human beings. The exposure of lead in the atmosphere also causes dangerous diseases such as kidney damage, cerebro-muscular failure, a slowing down of the nervous system, abdominal discomfort, anemia, and hypertension. It also induces spontaneous abortion.

Battery recycling

So, in order to save our planet and the human being, it must be directed to a battery recycling station. Or you can exchange it with new battery, which will result in good reduction.

Battery recycling Process
The used battery is taken to a hammer mill. Here the battery is broken into pieces. Now the broken battery gets placed into a vat, in which the heavy particles like lead fall to the bottom and the light weight particles like plastic float. Then the separated polypropylene pieces, liquid, lead and other components are taken away to be treated in different recycling streams.

Battery recycling
Sulphuric Acid
Old battery acid can be recycled in two different ways:
(a) The acid is neutralized with baking soda. It makes the acid into water. Then the water is treated, cleaned, and finally tested in a waste water treatment plant to make sure it meets clean water standards.
(b) The second method is this by which the acid is processed and converted to sodium sulfate. It is a white powder used in laundry detergent, glass, and textile manufacturing.

The polypropylene pieces are melted to be in liquid state. The melted plastics are put through an extruder which generates small plastic spheres of same size. The reborn plastic components are sold to manufacturers of battery cases.

Here the lead particles such as lead grids and lead oxide are burnt in the smelting furnace. Then the molten lead is poured into ingot molds. After a few minutes, the light weight impurities gets floated and the molten lead in the ingot gets moulded. The impurities are scooped away, while the ingot is left to cool. Once the ingot is cooled, the reborn lead will be given to the battery manufactures.
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