Mission RS: The Fastest Electric Bike

Only 40 units will go in production and will be priced around Rs. 34 lakh.

If you think that electric bikes can do nothing with speed in this world of petrol powered superbikes, then you are thoroughly mistaken. Because, there are electric bi-wheeler that can throttle just like the 1000cc machines. Yup! What I'm telling is just truth. British motorcycle manufacturer, Mission Motorcycles, has crafted a stunning piece of two-wheeler, Mission RS, that is run by electrically powered motor.

The Mission RS features a 160 hp liquid-cooled three-phase AC motor as its power plant. Coupled with a gorgeous power of 162 Ps and a stunning torque of 163 Nm, the machine can take the rider to the fastest experience that anyone can have on an electrically powered superbike. This amazing motorcycle goes to the toppest speed of 257 kmph, which is indeed incredible as far as an electric bike is concerned. It really counts the Mission RS as one among the petrol powered bikes.

Mission RS

Along with this, more specifications of the Mission RS are left unsaid. The bike is powered by a 17 kWh battery pack which enables it to go to a maximum range of 322 km, certifies the company. However, a 225 km range is practicably possible in the real world. The Mission RS is equipped with BST carbon fiber wheels, Öhlins WSBK-spec suspension, and MotoGP-specBrembo brakes.
There will be only 40 motorcycles will see production plant. So, the machine will be such a rare species for superbike lovers around the world.

Mission RS

To get known things in quick session of times, the Mission RS is platformed with MissionOS software. This will bring out several useful activities such as riding information to the touchscreen dashboard, GPS directions via Google, built in LTE internet connection, and Bluetooth connectivity for Mission,s planned helmet with a heads-up-display (HUD).

You can also connect the bike to you iOS or Android powered device via that same Bluetooth. Moreover, a stabilized 1080p camera has been fixed at the nose of that bike to record on-board footage with a data overlay.

The bike lets in up to 9 KW within two-hour of recharging using two on-board chargers (Level-2 J1772 and a standard 120v plug).

Nevertheless, the pricing of the Mission RS is unbearable. It approximately costs Rs. 34 lakhs.

Mission R

Notwithstanding, Mission is working on a younger sibling of the Mission RS, the Mission R. Though, it doesn't carry the high-end specs of the Mission RS, the bike is more than enough to satisfy the riders. The Mission R has battery pack options of 12 kWh, 15 kWh and 17 kWh, and is approximately priced Rs. 17 lakh, which means exactly the half of its elder sibling.
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