Meet the Fastest Motorcycle in the World; Acabion GTBO 70

The top speed of of this fully enclosed machine is 600 kmph. The price starts at whooping Rs. 11.5 crore.

What do you see here? Can you call it a real motorcycle? Or what about calling it a car? Then a jet? It is extremely a confusing matter to categorize this machine in which format. It is something crossover of a superbike and a jet. At some angles it exactly reflects to be a mini jet. Well, at some angles it stands for a superbike. Additionally, having some resemblances of the first age Formula One cars, it also mirrors to be four wheeler. And the object is called the Acabion GTBO 70.

Acabion GTBO 70

The Acabion GTBO was firstly appeared at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show, in Switzerland. The machine has 5 variants. The GTBO 36 is the youngest one among them. The GTBO 55 and the GTBO are the other major models. All models measures 5m length, 780cm width and 1.27m hight. In order to maintain stability and to increase the life span, the vehicle is made out of carbon fibre. As it shapes to be a jet, the engineers have strictly followed the design principles of aircraft.

It comes with a renovated 1340 cc, four-cylinder engine, which is used in the current fastest motorcycle in production, Suzuki Hayabusa. Its engine frame is made from high-strength steel so that it can endure even at high temperatures. The turbocharged version of the engine is capable to generate a monumental power of 550 hp at 9,300 rpm and a gigantic torque of 420 Nm at 6,900 rpm. Well, that is not all to get wondered. There is something more to be chipped out that the elder sibling in this series, the GTBO70 is capable to fire out an unbelievable 700 hp of power at 9,300 RPM and outmatching 490 Nm of torque at 6,900 RPM. Its authentic engine is wedded with a 6 speed transmission. The monster also contains two Swiss-made MAXON electric engines for low-speed operation.

Acabion GTBO 70

The unconvincing features of the Acabion GTBO70 doesn't end anywhere. The motor-machine has a top speed of 600 kmph. I don't know whether it is possible to see anything at that speed since I haven't crossed even 150 kmph. However, the top speed is electronically adjusted to 450 kmph. The dry weight of the Acabion GTBO 55 is 360 kg, whereas the Acabion GTBO 70 weighs only 300 kg. Meantime, the GTBO 55 takes off from 0-415 kmph in 26 seconds, while the GTBO 70 needs only 19 seconds to reach 415 kmph from zero. Above all, it must be noticed that the Acabion GTBO70 is a hybrid electric/gasoline turbo machine.

Acabion GTBO 70

The Acabion GTBO70 has also borrowed some features such as diminutive shape, light weight and passenger safety equipments from the Formula One racing cars. To throne it to label as a motorcycle, it has only 2 seats. The passenger seat is kept back of the rider, just like in the bi-wheelers.

Acabion GTBO 70

The Acabion GTBO series starts at Rs.11.5 crore!
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