Coming Soon the Fastest Motorcycle of the World; 2013 MTT Y2K 420R

The 2013 MTT Y2K 420R is expected to have a whooping price tag of Rs. 1.06 crore! The machine will clock a top speed of 440 kmph.

If the reports are right, we can blindly believe that Marine Turbine Technologies, a US based turbine manufacturer, is working on an upgraded version of the Y2K Turbine Suberbike that debuted in 2000. The refreshed variant is proposed to be known as the 2013 MTT Y2K 420R.

2013 MTT Y2K 420R

It has been sourced that the new 2013 MTT Y2K 420R will be mated with a newly refined Rolls-Royce C-20B gas turbine engine, which is capable to fire out an authentic amount of 420bhp power. The bullet-machine, which is currently undergoing wind tunnel testing in UK, is expected to clock a top speed of around 273 mph (439.35 kmph).

When the motorcycle was launched in 2000, it wondered everyone with its strange and unique design, and unbelievable performance. The first version was equipped with a Rolls-Royce Allison Model 250 engine, which is commonly used in helicopters. Producing a sporty power of 320 bhp at 52,000 rpm, the superbike manipulated both the word 'speed' and track. The monster hardly needed only 5.4 seconds to accelerate from 0-200 mph (0-320 kmph). The top speed of the bike was 370 kmph.

What the secret behind the Y2K machine is that unlike the rest jet powered superbikes those use a massive jet engine provided thrust to run the motorcycle, the Y2K handles the turboshaft engine to drive the rear wheel via a two-speed gearbox. Additionally, the engines wedded in the Y2K bikes are not a new one, but they are used and have reached its FAA mandated running limit. These engines are rebuilt regardless with conditions. The turbine engine is usually filled by kerosene to have procurement. The bike can also use both diesel and jet fuel.

In 2008, MTT launched the second version of the Y2K namely, the Streetfighter. Equipped with a Rolls Royce-Allison turbine engine the bike produced a massive power of 320.00 HP @ 52000 RPM and a gorgeous torque of 576.30 Nm @ 2000 RPM. More impressively, the engine was belted with an automatic gear box which eases the driving at every circumstances. The top speed of the machine was 402 kmph. However, both these products failed to be successive production motorcycles in the market.

As of now, the American firm is working on its third generation 2013 MTT Y2K 420R, it is proposed to include carbonfibre wheels, carbonfibre full fairing, an aluminium alloy chassis, bigger brake discs with radial-mount calipers at the front, a 240-section rear tyre, more advanced electronics and ABS technology to enrich safety.

Even though there is no official report regarding its price tag, it is echoed that it would hold an intolerable amount of $200000. Since the 2000 edition was priced $150000 and the 2008 edition was labelled $175000, we can expect pricing around those figures. The bike is expected to be on road by mid-2013. Unfortunately, the bike will be available only in US, UK and some chosen European markets.
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