Hero HX250R To Be Named 'BlandeRunner'?

Report suggest Hero has found a name for its proposed offering

A report has emerged from an automotive media source that Hero is planning to call its HX250R project as BlandeRunner. Although the name sounds odd, and if the report is to be believed, it's safe to assume that there is still hope for a launch from Hero.

Hero HX250R

The HX250R is a motorcycle that has been designed in collaboration with Eric Buell Racing, based in the United States. The motorcycle is powered by a 250cc engine, producing 31 bhp of power and 26 Nm of Torque. The quarter litre segment has not seen much competition, while the only affordable and realistic choice would be limited to the Honda CBR250R; the 250cc offering from Kawasaki – Ninja 250R – lets itself down with its high price. Soon enough, the DSK owned Hyosung company will launch the GD250N and GD250R, one being the naked variant and the other faired. The bike from Hyosung certainly looks promising but we will have to wait and see on how it performs on the road. If Hero does plan to launch the HX250R, it might be on par with the Hyosung or later. There has been a massive delay that is affecting the launch of the HX250R but Hero seems to be keen on bringing the bike to India.

Hero HX250R Side Profile

The name 'BlandeRunner' might not have much takers, although it is safe to say that Hero has its head in the right direction. More on this in the coming weeks.

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