Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 is Overpriced?

After a long postponement, the much awaited cruiser, the Thunderbird 500, that paused the Indian motorcycle world into the depth of anticipations for a while, was launched. Though the all newly designed structure thrills moto-maniacs with its stunning appearance, updated features and powerful performance, the consortium somehow failed to tag a reasonable price for it.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500

All right! It doesn't glance alike the other bullets but a typical cruiser and perhaps somewhat of it touches a small Harley Davidson as well! Whatsoever, isn't the price tag a burden for the Indian customers? As the other 500cc engined Enfields are priced on road around 1.67 lakh, the all new stuff, the Thunderbird 500 stays far ahead on pricing at a tag of Rs.1.82 lakh (on road Mumbai), which means a clear hike of 15k.

Bullet gets mocked sometimes as "the bike of previous generation with a price of next generation" since it doesn't feature any updated configurations alike the other motorcycles in this generation. Truly, the Thunderbird 500 affiliates the quote, "with a price of next generation." But, hopefully the all new Thunderbird 500 will endure the critics as it is additionally featured and helps to cruise the two wheeler to the next generation of motorcycling and hence surpasses the criticize of being "the bike of previous generation."

Thunderbird 500 Wallpaper

Concluding, all has to be said is that the Royal Enfield is an extreme cult brand. It annexes tradition and culture. Nevertheless, the all new Thunderbird 500 is undoubtedly overpriced and it'll severely cause its sale. Doesn't matter the flagship of Royal Enfield, the Thunderbird 500 commemorates Apple's iphones, which are drastically overpriced and have a strong fan following and so does the Royal Enfield. Let the time decide its verdict on the Thunderbird 500 whether it is dearer or not.
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Last updated on 12-10-2012. Published on 12-10-2012.
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Price doen't matter. Its a Royal Enfield product. The name itself is worth more than this 1.82 lakhs.
By on 12-10-2012
Terrible disaster! It's is definitely overpriced.
By on 12-10-2012
yes, all of RE products are overpriced but that is just because RE is enjoying of monopoly. The segment they are playing, has no one around so we are forced to buy if we want something like this.

Waiting for a day when Bajaj or Honda start in this segment.
By on 13-10-2012
Yep Mohit, an absolute monarchism of RE. But I do think neither a Honda nor a Bajaj could do something here just like the legend RE does. May be some forays of foreign cruisers into the Indian low-premium two wheeler market with some small and specially designed versions of Harley Davidson and Triumph motorcycles , which are typically made for Indian customers at reasonable and competing price tags against RE. Then that would be some business and a massacre-headache for RE.
By on 13-10-2012

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