Top Ten 125cc Motorcycles in India

Most of us are very much confused to buy a good commuter bike, as there are a lot of options available in the two wheeler market. And in order to find a solution for your queries, Team Bikes4Sale has arrived in a conclusion regarding the top 10 125cc bikes in the Indian two wheeler Industry.

Following bikes are ranked on the basis of brand value, popularity, mileage, maintenance, resale value, performance, availability of spare parts, service centers, technology used, features, drivability, looks and pricing of the motorcycles.

1. Hero Glamour PGM Fi
Of course the best bike in this class. Molded by Hero's brand value and trust, the Glamour certainly holds a place in the commuter motorcycle segment. The very special edition of the Glamour which is manufactured intending to ensure maximum mileage for a middle class person fulfills by being an excellent option in its class.

Hero Glamour PGM Fi

Economical, looks, good handling, the best resale value and 3 years warranty.

Less powered

Specifications of Hero Glamour PGM Fi
Engine124.8 cc, Air-c4-stroke single cylinder OHC
Max. Power9.1Ps @ 7000 RPM
Max. Torque10.35 Nm @ 4000 RPM
Top Speed98.7 kmph
Mileage65-72 kmpl
Transmission4 Speed constant mesh
PriceRs. 61,350 (ex-showroom New Delhi)

2. Honda CB Shine
The whole subsidiary of Japanese motorcycle giant, Honda Motor Company is always known for its reliability. And so continues in the CB Shine as well. The machine is well designed, graphicsed and engineered at a modest way in order to get paid attention by commuter riders. The CB Shine is one of the class leaders in accountants with the units which are sold out statistically.

Honda CB Shine

Excellent handling, good resale value, low maintenance, good looking, all 4-down gear shift pattern makes city drive much easier and ensure decent mileage

Looks smaller and would be hard to drive for a tall person, no digital meter

Specifications of Honda CB Shine
Engine124.7 cc, Air cooled, 4 stroke, SI Engine
Max. Power10.12 bhp @ 7500 rpm
Max. Torque10.54 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Top Speed100 kmph
Transmission4 Speed constant mesh
PriceRs. 51,668(ex-showroom New Delhi)

3. Hero Glamour
The elder brother of the Glamour PGM-Fi. Though it lacks certain features that the Glamour PGM-Fi has, the Glamour certainly holds a mass market in the commuter segment. Being one of the best selling motorcycles of India, the Glamour does a good job for commuter riders, who care less maintenance, high mileage, ease and cheap availability of spare parts and good resale value.

Hero Glamour

Economical, looks, good handling, good resale value, reasonable pricing

No digital meter

Specifications of Hero Glamour
Engine124.7 cc, 4 Stroke OHC, Single cylinder, air cooled
Max. Power9BHP @ 7000 RPM
Max. Torque10.35 Nm @ 4000 RPM
Top Speed98.7
Mileage55-60 kmpl
Transmission4 Speed constant mesh
PriceRs. 52,225(ex-showroom New Delhi)

4. Hero Super Splendor
Succeeding the way of both Hero's and India's ever flagship motorcycle, the Splendor, the 125 cc engined the Super Splendor endures the trust of commuter riders to Hero. Mated with pretty befitting performance, the Super Splendor never fails to provide fulfilling fuel efficiency. Hence forth the best resale value too temp one to go for the Super Splendor.

Hero Super Splendor

Good looking, economical, good resale value and all trusts expected from a Hero bike

Smaller, no disc brake, no digital meter

Specifications of Hero Super Splendor
Engine124.7 cc, 4 Stroke OHC, Single cylinder, air cooled
Max. Power9 BHP @ 7000 rpm
Max. Torque10.35 Nm @ 4000 rpm
Top Speed90 kmph
Mileage60-67 kmpl
Transmission4-Speed constant mesh
PriceRs. 50,350(ex-showroom New Delhi)

5. Hero Igintor
Impenetrable were the blames while Hero launched the much criticized Ignitor since it exactly looks like the Honda CBF Stunner. Nevertheless, Hero's reply for Honda's CBF Stunner was an unbearable agony for Honda. Though Ignitor and Stunner compete hard, the final triumph stands out to the Ignitor as it cut off what the Stunner lacks at it. The Ignitor is glanced with a digital meter and a kick start along with an electric start.

Hero Igintor

Blessed with features, 5-speed gear box, powerful engine, looks good, digital meter, electric start along with kick start, which lacks in the Stunner.

Copied from Honda CBF Stunner, could have come in better graphics

Specifications of Hero Igintor
Engine124.7 cc, Air cooled, 4 stroke single cylinder OHC
Max. Power11 bhp @ 8000 rpm
Max. Torque11 Nm @ 5000 rpm
Top Speed110 kmph
Mileage55-60 kmpl
Transmission5 Speed constant mesh
PriceRs. 55,900(ex-showroom New Delhi)

6. Honda CBF Stunner Fi
The most stylish in this class. Stunning with its design, the Stunner strikes out to many youngsters who bother an economical cum sporty bike. Accompanied with Honda's quality and rigidity, the two wheeler rises its capability to stay alive in the competition.

Honda CBF Stunner Fi

Sporty, economical, resale value, 5-speed gear box.

No digital meter, no kick start, no chain cover.

Specifications of Honda CBF Stunner Fi
Engine124.7 cc, Air cooled, 4 stroke, SI Engine
Max. Power11.6 bhp @ 8000 rpm
Max. Torque11.2 Nm @ 6250 rpm
Top Speed110 kmph
Mileage55 kmpl
Transmission5 Speed constant mesh
PriceRs. 65845(ex-showroom New Delhi)

7. Yamaha SS 125
One of the best commuter bikes from Yamaha. The successor of Gladiator 125. Mated with enough power without compromising fuel efficiency, the SS 125 holds a good position in the commuter segment.

Yamaha SS 125

Powerful engine, economical, looks better, no vibration, smooth ride

No digital meter

Specifications of Yamaha SS 125
Engine123 cc, Air cooled, 4 stroke, SOHC
Max. Power11 PS @ 7500 rpm
Max. Torque 10.4 Nm @ 6,500 rpm
Top Speed108 kmph
Mileage50-55 kmpl
Transmission5 Speed constant mesh
PriceRs. 50,000(ex-showroom New Delhi)

8. Bajaj Discover 125 ST
The powerful successor of the Discover 125. Mated with an extreme power of 13 Ps @ 9000 rpm and a peak torque of 11 Nm at 7000 rpm, Bajaj has done a well deserved job here to bring a much refined and stylish motorcycle that simultaneously performs well and ensures good economy. The Discover 125 ST is odviosly a good choice for all those who looks for a fuel efficient bike that runs in good power. The design

Bajaj Discover 125 ST

Powerful, better quality, economical, 5-speed gear box

No resale value, could have come in better quality

Specifications of Bajaj Discover 125 ST
Engine124.6 cc, 4 Valve Twin Spark Air Cooled
Max. Power13 Ps @ 9000 rpm
Max. Torque11 Nm at 7000 rpm
Top Speed105 kmph
Mileage58-65 kmpl
Transmission5 Speed Constant mesh
PriceRs. 54,200(ex-showroom New Delhi)

9. Bajaj Discover 125
India's second largest bike manufacturer, Baja Auto, is known for its fuel efficiency motorcycles that keep the brand far ahead its competitors and so Discover 125

Bajaj Discover 125

Cheap, fuel efficient, comfortable to drive

No resale value

Specifications of Bajaj Discover 125
Engine124.6 cc, DTS-i, 4 stroke, Natural air cooled
Max. Power11 ps @ 8000 rpm
Max. Torque10.8 nm @ 5500 rpm
Top Speed100 Kmph
Mileage65-70 kmpl
Transmission5-Speed gear box
PriceRs. 49,792(ex-showroom New Delhi)

10. Suzuki Slingshot Plus
The motorcycle from the home of Japanese motorcycle giant Suzuki. Designed specially for the commuters. As its competitors come in at a huge price tag, world class leader in motorcycling, Suzuki offers the Slingshot Plus at a reasonable price without compromising quality.

Suzuki Slingshot Plus

Good quality, economical, looks good, gear position indicators, 5-speed transmission.

Poor service networks, no resale value, engine problems.

Specifications of Suzuki Slingshot Plus
Engine124 cc, Air-cooled, 4 stroke, 1 cylinder, SOHC
Max. Power8.5 bhp at 7500 rpm
Max. Torque10 NM at 3500
Top Speed103 kmph
Mileage60-70 kmpl
Transmission5-speed gear box
PriceRs. 46,137(ex-showroom New Delhi)

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Latest Comments

Its a good and truthful comparison. I have planned to buy Glamour PGM FI. When I taken a test drive I feel like driving a 100cc vehicle, pickup and power is less. Shine gives different feel that it smooth and gear shifting is very good and also good pickup but its not good for tall guys.
By on 31-10-2012
I have something to say about this ranking. If you keep popularity as one of the factor to determine best bike of the lot then you are compromising with overall quality (built, engine tuning, value for money, after sales service etc). I own an Yamaha SS125 which is very easy to handle, low on maintenance with an average mileage of 63 kmpL.It is 2 years old (19000kms).
By on 30-01-2013
I like hero ignitor gud milege great pickup great look better suspension no vibration this bike beat honda stunner
By on 30-03-2013
By on 06-04-2013
Please advice which bike is better ignitor or shine???
By on 10-04-2013
I am confused B/w 4 bikes wch one shall I go ?
1) TVS Starcity 110 CC
2) Bajaj Discover 100 T
3) Bajaj Discover 125 ST
4) TVS Phoenix 125
By on 26-06-2013
Go for either Bajaj Discover 125 ST or TVS Phoenix 125.
Both bikes hold their own qualities. If you consider power and performance, I prefer you to choose the Discover 125ST. Well, if you want a newly designed machine, the Phoenix might be you choice.

And just hold on, these two bikes aren't the best in the class. If you could, consider Hero Glamour and Honda CB Shine.
By on 19-08-2013
Honda Stunner is the best.. Some say that Hero Igntor beats Honda stunner.. Surely, they gets bribe frm Hero( a bloody bicycle compay).. Hero just tries to follow the footstep of Honda.. But never succeds...
Buy Honda.. U'll be full satisfied.. I've used Honda Stunner since 2011... Very nice to run it..
By on 10-09-2013
Hero glammer is best.It gives the milage of 63 p/l and low maintainance
By on 08-04-2014
correctly judged post is that above one. glamour fi remains on top of the list considering all the criteria, and will continue to be always. gonna make this bike own in the next month. simply love its everything.
By on 07-05-2014
on road price in midnapore
By on 11-05-2014
Honda shine is best.....
it will reach 0-60 speed with in 6sec and also giving 56-60 millage in city roads.......
By on 06-06-2014
Hero ignitor is best compare to all125 bikes
By on 26-06-2014
I'm in dilemma of buying bike please suggest me which bike is best between honda shina n hero ignitor
By on 28-06-2014
plz leave all bike and buy only honda bcz honda brand have powerful engine,look stylish,better mileage .nd gives better sound.
By on 09-08-2014
Confused between glamour pgm n discover 125 st specially for tall guy,which wld b better.
By on 17-08-2014
By on 12-09-2014
Yamaha ss125 is best in terms of riding comfort and Honda cb shine is worst in terms of riding comforts sitting position is not good as well as short night.
By on 12-10-2014
Hero ignitor is the best i using this bike since 1.5 year and this bike touch top speed of 115km/hr
By on 09-11-2014
hero bike is most like
By on 10-11-2014
Hero supersplendor is good it gave milliage arround 67-72 in city compare to honda its spareparts became cheap
By on 30-12-2014
is new discover 125 is good?
new discover 125 vs shine? which one is good?
By on 04-02-2015
Iam looking for a bike in Honda or Yamaha in which Iwant good mileage good pickup low maintenance good engine quality and stylish look. Please suggest.thankyou
By on 08-02-2015
hero ignator best bike ,in milage in looks,in pick up And solid engine
By on 08-03-2015
I want to buy a bike.. but I am confused which one to choose... my range Rs. 50k-60k max. , 100 to 125 cc engine. ..a little sporty look...good mileage. ..light weight..self start. ..etc... I m thinking about super splendor and honda shine.. Is it good for me or should go for another one.
By on 14-03-2015
I want to by a bike in 125cc secment,Honda shine is in my mind,please suggest this bike is a good quality, & complaint less bike as compare to other brand bike models in 125 cc.
By on 23-03-2015
In 125 cc which is best?? budget is not consent.
By on 11-04-2015
I am using honda shine. Average 85 km/l in city and top speed 122km/hr. Very good bike hond cb shine
By on 18-05-2015
Is best bike 125 cc with solid frame in nainital/hill area?
By on 19-05-2015
AKHILESH don,t tell lie baba,past 5 years i ,am using shine,IT never cross 48KMPL, @ 50km speed ,might be you are a pushparaj for balance 40km OR at your place a boy is playing with front wheel?wheel is good but chain and sprokets to be replace at every 25000 KM.lot of vibration at handle ends.
By on 06-07-2015
125cc mean commuter class bikes.. Honda stunner, ignitor and 125st bajaj got a better engine 'performance than its peers' mentioned above.. But I would say its the Honda shine that easily outshines in terms of complete package bike.. Good mileage and smooth tough engine..economical and was to maintain than any..don't jus trust me..try it will earn your trust itself..cheers!!
By on 17-07-2015
Go for yamaha ss125 u all will love it no vibration no maintenance feel like luxurious bike with smooth handling with cool sound
By on 14-08-2015
stunner or gladiator wich is best ???
By on 22-08-2015
what about Suzuki sling shot
By on 22-09-2015
Good....its so helpful
By on 25-10-2015
Where is the tvs phoenix in this list? Its also one of the best 125cc bike in its class. It gives me 72kmpl mileage
By on 06-11-2015
Super bike shine
By on 17-11-2015
All bikes are good depends hw u people maintain and tvs bikes are v.hardy and good...
By on 01-12-2015
Yamaha ss125 and
Yamaha gladitr 125 is very good, strong nd road grif also supr...
next shine optimax, next hero supr splendr.
By on 04-12-2015
which is the best load carring bike with good milage????
By on 03-03-2016
slingshot is also a good commuter bike with excellent performance and stylish design especially women likes that stylish look of this bike
By on 04-03-2016
What about v12
By on 30-08-2017
Which is best honda cb shine sp or hero glamour FI
By on 14-05-2018
I think Yamaha Saluto very well n comfort one
By on 25-08-2018

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