Suzuki GS150R vs Honda CBR150R

Two biggies in the bike market Honda and Suzuki, it is indeed a tough task to bring the good and the bad of the two products from these two makers; Suzuki GS 150R and CBR 150R. Honda CBR 150R is a hot property in the middleweight category in the sports bike section while Suzuki GS 150R lies between the commuter and premium segment. The match between two different segments sieves the strengths and weaknesses of the two bikes with accuracy. But that does not mean it is unfair to judge them in the first place because this fight will ultimately give the buyer a clear picture as to which bike to buy in the 150 category, sports bike or the not-quite-commuter bike.

Can looks be everything to buy or deny?
Both Suzuki GS 150R and Honda CBR 150R very good looking bikes but Honda has a sporty and much more masculine design. And CBR 150R is a visual delight not to say its opponent is any bad but it has the extra edge; the raw and beastly built of Honda CBR makes all the difference. The silver trims, huge exhaust and the swollen panels gives that edgy and muscular look to Honda CBR and if you put the two bikes in discussion together, majority of us would pick Honda in blindfold. Although many would draw similarities with CBR 250 but that would be quite unfair because the Honda CBR 150R is completely a different beast.

Nevertheless, coming back to the on-going scuffle, Suzuki GS 150R is exactly the opposite of Honda CBR 150R in terms of looks; it is simple, non-aggressive yet smart with bikini fairing, pseudo air scoops, sporty tail end (traditional clear-lens tail lamps) digital console and the simple center panels complete the picture of the Suzuki GS 150R. And one cannot ignore the uncomplicated and simple design of this bike but Honda CBR 150 R steals the show in the looks department.

Engine, performance and mileage
Honda CBR 150R is attached with a liquid-cool, 4-valve, 149.4cc engine that churns power of 17.8PS at 10,500 rpm and meager 12.66 Nm at 8500 rpm. Apart from that amazing power output CBR 150 is equipped with advanced technological features and that supports tremendously towards the performance of the bike. The bike falls under the middleweight category and thus, riding this hot machine is quite relaxing.

Honda CBR150R

Suzuki GS 150R gets a 149 cc engine that puffs 13.8bhp at 8500 rpm and 13.4 Nm at 6000-rpm torque. So the power output is pretty decent although not as good as Honda CBR 150R. Gear shifting is also smooth and enables better ride. The large wheelbase ensures great handling, safety and comfort while riding the bike.

The big takeaway factor of Suzuki GS 150R is that the overall mileage is 62 kmpl, which is the best figure in this segment of bike, while Honda CBR 150R gives around 30-35 kmpl and that makes a Suzuki GS 150R the clear winner in this regard.

The Suzuki GS 150R is available in four awesome hues: candy max orange, candy dark greenish blue, pearl nebular black and metallic flint gray.

The Honda CBR 150R standard variant is available in two colors: black combined with sunbeam white and sports red teamed with sunbeam white. While the deluxe variant of CBR 150 R comes in the following shades: black matched with candy palm green and vibrant orange with sunbeam white.

Suzuki GS150R

The Honda CBR 150 R has greater appeal in terms of looks, performance and power in comparison to Suzuki GS 150R and is would be an ideal choice for beginners especially for riders who enjoy sport-touring. But people who are looking for a budget bike with decent and not so overwhelming performance then Suzuki GS150R should be their pick, as CBR 150R comes tad expensive (about Rs. 50,000 more than the Suzuki counterpart), which is the only glitch if I have to say about the bike. Suzuki GS 150 R would be perfect for daily commuting and also economical; with smooth ride quality and excellent fuel efficiency (will run 900km and more with one full tank of fuel and I can say that its awesome for the rising petro prices!) the bike will make for a good and reliable companion. For people who do not mind spending a few extra bucks for the sporty looks and stunner on road packed with powerful performance then without any apprehensions I would suggest them to go ahead with the Honda CBR 150R, quality does come for a price and its true.
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