Suzuki Swish or Mahindra Duro DZ - Who wins the race?

Whenever there is a mention of a scooter the only name that comes to our mind almost instantaneously is Honda Activa but an average Indian especially the younger lot has moved out of the Activa shadow for quite some time now and are in fact looking at the greener pastures on the other side of the window. Yes, the new breed of youngsters are on a prowl to grab something really unique especially when it comes to 2-wheelers and this thirst for 'something new' has evolved the scooter market to a great extent and we have quite a few entrants in the scooter market that are nudging against each other to make a mark and two such newbies in the Indian market are Suzuki Swish and Mahindra Duro DZ.

But with the present fuel prices majority of us might look at scooters that would give the best mileage and other factors might well take a backseat. In that case, I would suggest new buyers to think practically and do not stick only to the fuel economy factor although it is a priority you need to give equal prominence to performance, looks and price of course. So let me put Swish and Duro DZ in the ring and let us see who emerges as the star performer.

Both Swish and Duro are fresh looking no doubts about that but does the novelty create any ripple in the minds of the buyers? To put it in straight and in simple words Suzuki Swish is the showstopper of the two although I would not say Duro is bad at all. However, it lacks the charm that Swish exudes, but that's for just me.

Suzuki Swish

For quite some time now, the Japanese two-wheeler maker had a conservative approach with regard to scooter design especially for the Indian market and they were in fact taking calculated steps along this front!

With the introduction of Swish we can see the gradual advancement in style so that it could appeal to the younger lot. And even in comparison to its older sibling Suzuki Access, the Swish has taken a bold step towards creating a sportier appeal. The V-shaped frontal view is chic, the clear-lens indicators and the dual tone graphics are the wow-features. While the tail section is a bit feminine but that does not alter the overall look of the scooter. One thing that made me frown was the digital speedometer, which does not quite match with the other stylish features and another factor I was grumbling about was the under seat storage space; it can accommodate a half-faced helmet and that was a little disappointing. Else, the handlebars, wide & well-cushioned seats and the aluminum grab rail offer great comfort while riding.

Duro DZ

With the Duro DZ, the scooter has certainly come out with improvisations but in terms of looks it is more or less similar to its predecessor the Duro DX except for the new headlamp, which is THE conspicuous change and that actually wont enhance the look of the scooter, other than the use of clear lens light ensuring tad better illumination. Apart from this, the mudguard has been tweaked a bit so that it fits in the telescopic suspension. Well, that is about the Duro DZ rest of its features remain untouched.

Engine, performance and mileage
Swish has inherited Access' engine; 124cc that churns 8.7 PS @ 7000 rpm and 9.8 Nm torque @ 5000 rpm, which earns it the title of 'quickest scooter in the market'. The scooter touches the speed of 60kmph in just 7.7 seconds, which compared to other scooters in market is a second faster. Although Swish is light and fast, the scooter toils to touch the top speed of 92kmph. The drum brakes I must say are simply incredible; I could brake to the standstill mode in just about 3.1 seconds from the 60 kmph speed.

While Duro DZ gets a 124.6cc engine generating 8.1 PS power and 9Nm torque. Clearly, compared to its own predecessor Mahindra Duro DX the Duro DZ has lost some grunt due to detuning of the engine so as to initiate better fuel efficiency. This also is a clear indication that Swish is a powerful performer with the top speed of just 80 kmph and the Duro DZ lags behind the Swish.

Talking of the fuel efficiency Suzuki Swish runs about 35 km in the city and around 42 km per liter on the highway. While the Duro DZ outdoes the Swish in this regard giving a decent mileage of 42 kmpl in the city traffic and about 48 to 50 on the highways.

The Suzuki has lesser color options with only white, blue, gray, black and red while Duro DZ has some interesting color scheme to choose from such as cappuccino brown, fiery black, pearl white, supreme silver, derby red and royal purple.

Final word
My vote goes definitely to the Suzuki Swish, as it looks a complete package and after a good riding dose of the Activa, I certainly want to switch to something that is refreshing and it is Swish that matched close to my expectations. In terms of price as well the Duro DZ and Swish do not differ much. Furthermore, I can't rate service of Mahindra to be better than the Suzuki guys. The thing that might worry a few could be the mileage part but don't you think it is unfair to decide on the scooter just because it runs a few extra miles. Just my two cents!
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I want to buy a bike. I want to know about Suzuki & Mahindra bikes. Here i found the information. I am confused which one of these should I buy? Suzuki Access or swish, Mahindra duro or Active?
By on 10-09-2012
Suzuki swish is best among your list. Go for it if you can compromise with mileage factor.
By on 18-02-2014

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