Royal Enfield Classic Chrome 500cc – Can this new gun shoot up sales of RE also like bullet

Jeez! What a blast the Classic Chrome has had since its introduction in 2009 and the eternal saga of the chrome slug seems to be unstoppable. The two Classics from the Royal Enfield family Desert Storm and the Classic Chrome are indeed timeless machines from the RE stable, and what an appeal these two studs have created in the market, not scalable by a competitor, at least I am bowled over by the war-enthused bikes. I hope the entire RE fan club would echo with me in unison.

The Classic series in particular has surpassed the expectations of the company; in fact there is some demand - supply issue, despite the manufacturer increasing the capacity considerably, new prospective buyers are in an unending queue to get their hands on the priceless slug.

The Bullet Classic series was first introduced in Germany and was later launched in Europe too but in India the "Bullet" label was done away with and it was christened as Royal Enfield Classic. The bold and handsome Classic Chrome 500cc will sure win your heart all the way let us see why as the new gun racing like a bullet.

Looks and appearance
Does a machine from RE need any substantiation for their huge appeal? I guess no. As the name suggests Classic Chrome gets an all-chrome finish and apart from that the designers have a done fabulous job to give you the best bike under Classic series; the Chrome is chiseled to perfection, almost. The Chrome has firmly rooted to the retro looks (which actually are the in thing in automobile industry) and total credit to the designers of this machine.

Royal Enfield Chrome

The tough looks are well-combined (should I say well balanced) with uniquely etched tail lamps, huge teardrop fuel tank covered by rubber thigh pads, dual tone color scheme (maroon and black) and broad stripes that stretch all along the mud guards are the stand-out features of this extra-chromed Classic 500. The chrome-covered telescopic forks head towards the headlight with a hood, and the instrument cluster as always is very basic with not even a fuel gauge, thank lawd there is a reserve indicator that is for our consolation. The round chrome mirrors are good looks wise but they vibrate quite a bit at good speeds and it actually disturbs rear viewing.

Still the most eye-catching feature is the naked engine that is reminiscent of a fighter aircraft used in World War II and the saddle with firm spring and overall improvisation in the design department deserves big round of applause. If I have to complain of the looks I would say it's only the excess chroming and a double seat, I rather not take anyone as a pillion when I go a naked fared machine like RE.

Engine performance, handling and mileage
The Classic Chrome shares the same the engine that is prominent in the older Classic but this one is an improvised version; in that it is a 4-stroke, one-cylinder, 499cc engine and is braced with the Japanese Keihin fuel injection system with twin spark plugs. Furthermore, the long-stroke and twin-valve engine design fits perfectly to the image of the bike - explains for the big torque this bike produces and more bottom end. While the engine generates a power of 27.2 bhp @ 5250 rpm it produces peak torque of 4.2 kgm @ 4000 rpm.

With the charging circuit refined to the maximum extent, one push of the button ensure a big single start and this heavy machine is not for people who push hard to receive brisk performance rather it is pleasure and leisure filled bike with mechanical but smooth gear shifting. Touching the top speed of 110 kmph is pretty effortless and the throttle response is typical of any RE bikes yet I would hardly complain of that, after all that is the trademark of the bullet bikes and we all love it for what it actually is, don't we? I am for the overall power and I am glad Classic Chrome didn't disappoint in power and rpm, understandably due to the long stroke engine technology.

While talking of the handling and riding comfort, I must say upright posture on a straight line is simply rock solid; you will feel glued to the bike but may be steering the bike at the corners might not be very smooth due to the heavy weight of the Chrome. But all said and done, I would still maintain that the overall riding quality is comfortable on almost any kind of roads and I must give the credit to the improved suspension and brakes for that.

Color choices
You can pick the Royal Enfield Classic Chrome 500 from two available hues; royal maroon and black, my personal favorite is the royal maroon, which stands out on the road and in the parking lot, you bet it will be.

Final Verdict
The Royal Enfield motorbikes have marked a niche for themselves in the Indian market and the success story is all a rider needs to consider while buying any variant of Royal Enfield and that holds good for Classic Chrome as well, more so because the bike stands apart from its siblings and any owner of this hottie will seldom complain.
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