Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm – Old wine in new bottle

After seeing the sand schemed Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm you're to yell Aah's and Ooh's. But if you own this you must be getting some serious wowing and envious gazing from the on-lookers and neighbors that own small plastic machine. One test ride along the roads of Bangalore, and I am vouching for the beauty and the beast/best.

The Classic Desert Storm, Royal Enfield breed hardly needs any adjectives or expletives for an introduction, should I say see it, to believe it could not have been more apt for this new "ship of the desert". The classic color usage is an inspiration drawn from the desert sand and thus the nomenclature of this war-motivated vintage motorcycle. Similar to other studs from the RE stable the Classic Desert Storm too is a neat blend of classic design & modern technology that could be some turn-on factors for the bike.

Riders who already own a variant of the Royal Enfield would surely know what it means by the adrenalin rush because they would experience it every time they turn on the ignition, and the new Classic Desert Storm is no different. In fact this one would just give double the fun and adventure if you should be ready for more.

Looks to have come straight from the battlefield, the Desert Storm looks like a warrior-a warrior amongst common men; feel and no doubts about that. The sheer masculinity and ruggedness the overall design of the bike exudes can add a lot to the drool worthiness of the bike. The architects of this war hero are from the Royal Enfield factory that is close to Chennai in Tiruvottiyur and hats off to the design engineers for sculpting a beauty out of raw metal.

Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm

The matte-finish paint job with desert sand color storm is simply the outstanding feature of the bike, and the war-inspired design makes it as a meaningful relevance to the history of the RE bikes overall. And keeping in mind to add a classic touch to the Desert Storm there is a spring saddle, rubber thigh pads fitted on the fuel tank and the traditional stickers and RE emblem. Furthermore you will love the vintage tail lamp, the small silencer of the 1950s, wide mud guards & tool box, chrome finish, tiger-eye lamps reminiscent of the typical bullet-look. The speedometer features a classic English font, and it overall completes the classic look I was talking of the Desert Storm bike.

Engine Performance and Mileage
The Classic Desert Storm gets the same 500cc Twin Spark engine, which is loaded with Japanese made Keihin (EFI) Electronic Fuel Injection System that generates a power of 27.2 bhp at 5250 rpm and torque of 41.3 Nm at 4000 rpm. Well, it is hard to ignore the fact that the 499cc engine is definitely improved and refined although maintaining a single cylinder and an air-cooled push rod unit.

The RE owners might already be familiar with the leisurely performance of the bike but what I am tremendously impressed was that the bullet has loads of torque, so no complaints when it comes to its pulling. However, the bike has higher center of gravity which is contrast to what the bike maker say, so the handling wont be neutral, placement of the engine and the front forks reiterate this.

What's making news is the 5-speed mesh gearbox, and this is huge contributing factor towards the performance. And as regards top speed don't be fooled by its retro looks for the bike can touch 130 kmph with a lot of ease and can any day challenge its contemporary rivals.

The front fork suspensions have been modified and that enables refined handling and not only that efficient braking system with enhanced riding comfort the Desert Strom is sure to offer a pleasant surprise to the rider. And the bigger surprise will be in heavy traffics, earlier cruising through traffic snarls was quite a problem with the old bullet but the new Classic is a smoothie with buttery gearshifts and almost non-existent false neutrals.

Talking of the mileage, the RE Classic Desert Storm will give around 20-23 kmpl and road conditions certainly make difference to its fuel economy.

As the name suggests the Desert Storm is totally stirred by the desert sand color and obviously comes only in that color, which hardly anyone would complain about. The bike comes priced at around Rs. 1.60 lacs and has long waiting period (Bangalore).

Final Verdict
Wake up your neighbors to the envious opening of the new Classic Desert Storm's throttle because here is a new surround sound system that will enliven the 'deserted area' and you can cruise along the roads with great aplomb and pride. Own this desert cruiser and quench your ever-lasting thirst for RE bikes with the new bullet in town. But stay warned that it is basically old wine in new bottle - the same Classic with new front forks and of course all new paint job.
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