Mahindra Mojo Test Drive Report

Mojo is the first 300cc tourer motorcycle of Indian origin

The evolution of Mahindra from a tractor producing company to a two-wheeler manufacturing brand was one of the epic transformations of an Indian brand. The Mahindra Two Wheelers started their business in 2008 after acquiring the two-wheeler division of Kinetic Group. After two years, Mahindra enters the limelight with a groundbreaking announcement of their flagbearer, Mojo. It was the first 300cc tourer bike to be manufactured in India by an Indian brand. The bike itself had attracted a large volume of bike enthusiasts from both inside and outside of the country. It was a revolutionary motorcycle in the Indian market, with its high capacity engine and imported cycle parts. Within a short span of time, it has become one of the most desired motorcycles of the period. However, it took 5 years for Mahindra to develop this motorcycle into a production model. Finally, it was launched in 2015 with some notable cosmetic changes from the concept model.

Mahindra Mojo 300cc

Five years in the development, imported parts and components, powerful 300cc engine and above all, the flagship model of Mahindra. Expectation levels are high, so let us go and check it out.

How does It look?

Mahindra Mojo Pic 14

Just like the famous quote "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder", it changes from person to person. Therefore, I am not here to say, 'it doesn't look so appealing'. Maybe it is not my cup of coffee. However, from the first stance, it is a weird looking motorcycle with those bug-eyed headlights on the front. The headlamp cowl and windscreen has changed a bit from the concept model. The LED DRLs has been positioned just like an eyebrow to a human face.

Bug-eyed headlamp with LED DRLs

Mahindra has used semi-digital instrument console with a slew of information, which doesn't look fancy or modern though. The sculpted fuel tank, high raised pillion seat, belly pan and radiator shrouds bestow a muscular look to the bike. Like the twin pod headlamp, gold covered massive USD front fork is an attention seeking element. Besides that, ribs and rear swingarm are also gold plated. However, Mahindra has employed this golden colored twin pipes in their commuter bikes as well, making it lose all the charm in this flagship model.

LED tail lamp with split grab rails

Road presence of the motorcycle is too good. Wherever you take this tourer into, it gets noticed. The massive physique and the bug-eyed headlamp make everyone peep into the bike. It stands 1165mm from the ground, makes it massive than the much rated Royal Enfield models. This tourer is endowed with twin-barrel exhaust pipes. As it is a single cylinder engine, a single unit muffler would be more than enough. Moreover, it might also help in reducing the total weight of the bike. After all, it doesn't indulge well with the overall design of the bike.

The Engine & Performance

A new 295cc, Liquid cooled, 4-stroke, EFI engine mated with a 6-speed gearbox powers up the Mojo. This powerplant delivers a maximum power of 26.2 bhp @ 8000 rpm and a peak torque of 30 Nm @ 5500 rpm. The engineers of Mahindra has done a decent job in developing such a refined 300cc engine for the very first time. It is specifically built for long distance cruising, with comfortable mid-range torque and well-balanced weight to power ratio. One can happily cruise around in 90 to 120 kmph range without much effort. Mojo offers a decent 0 to 60 kmph start, just under 4 seconds. It has a recorded top speed of 143 kmph. On highways, one doesn't experience the bulk feeling of the bike. It offers an outstanding high-speed stability. The 6-speed gearbox fitted to the engine is average. A slipper clutch would have benefitted with precise and smooth shifting. The only thing which pulls back you is the throaty exhaust note, which seems to be a disturbance even in low speeds. After a while, you will get used to it and doesn't seem to be haunted by something.

Mahindra Mojo Pic 18

Riding Dynamics

Mahindra Mojo is a purpose built vehicle. Like the engine; frame, saddle and handlebar have been tuned to suit its tourer characters. The seating position of the Mojo is phenomenal. It is upright, large, contoured and cushioned enough for delivering seamless riding experience. Besides the seating height, high raised handlebar and centrally aligned foot pegs provide a firm control over the motorcycle.

Gold palted USD forks and petal disc brake

This tourer features beefy USD forks with 143.5mm travel at the front and high-pressure gas charged mono shock at the rear. It is best suited for the Indian road conditions as it varies from tarmacs to the unpaved village roads. Riding over a broken surface or bumps seems to be risk-free as it absorbs almost all the shocks and wobbles from the surface. It is definitely one of the best bikes with a healthy ride quality and comfort level.

Mahindra Mojo is often confused as a naked sportsbike from its visual stance. Being a tourer, it lacks the cornering ability. The bulk feeling of the bike doesn't give the rider a confidence to shave the corners. However, Mojo does the small sweeping corners in a decent fashion, thanks to the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II rubbers. It is a well stable motorcycle, not an agile one.

Dual exhaust muffler

Mahindra Mojo features 320mm petal disc with radial calipers at the front and 240mm conventional disc with floating calipers at the rear. The braking performance of the bike is impressive. The front petal disc brake and impressive calipers work efficiently. However, the rear wheels got locked at panic braking, while one has to combine both front and back to avoid skidding. Meanwhile, the next generation of Mojo is expected to feature ABS system along with the slipper clutch.

Other Features

The Mahindra Mojo carries a 21-litre massive fuel tank. With the mileage expectancy of 33kmpl (on highways), a full tank could comfortably take you to a comfortable 600kms. In Mojo, the ignition key slot has been moved from the headlamp casing onto the top of fuel tank.

Ignition key slot

The instrument console is a mix up of analog and a digital display unit. Despite its old and dull looking design, it shows a slew of information. It features an analog tachometer which displays the exact rev at which gears are shifted. Moreover, the console unit can record maximum speed, can check 0 to 100 kmph acceleration, trip meter, service indicator, neutral position and much more.

Informative instrument console

The Verdict

Mahindra Mojo is one of the underestimated bikes of our country. As I mentioned earlier, it is not everyone's cup of coffee. The aesthetic appeal of the bike separates the audience in the first place itself. Some of them got anchored to this physical presence, while others mind to move away without even knowing what lies within in it. It is a purpose built motorcycle satisfying every need and detailing of a tourer bike. The engineers had done a decent job in developing such a refined powerplant and well balanced riding dynamics.

Things had changed a lot from the time of announcing this model in 2010 to the official launching in 2015. Within the 5 years of time, we had witnessed a sudden growth in the Royal Enfield market and buyers had a load of options to choose from this segment. Moreover, RE offers massive aspirational value, which remains to be a tedious task for the Mojo. Altogether, Mojo is a complete tourer bike with a refined engine and unmatched riding dynamics. Yet, there are plenty of possibilities for further improvement. What really matters is the reliability and assurance of the bike, which has to be tried and tested in the years to follow. If you are looking for a 300cc motorcycle that matches your pocket and your touring DNA, then join the Mojo Tribe.

Full Technical Specification of Mahindra Mojo

Photos By: Jithin Johnson

Test Vehicle Provided By: Venture Motors
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ILU MoJo !!
By Nikhil on 02-12-2017
I've tested my hands on so many bikes. From Harley Davidson to Bajaj bikes. If I give the rating benelli bikes would be the first preference. After then Mahindra mojo , the real beautiful machine. After reading so many complaints against the mojo. Instead of criticize the machine.i took a test drive , And believe me it has the smooth'll be noticed . Neck breaker bike . No bike is perfect even the Italian bikes too. But mojo gives immense pleasure to the rider. Exhaust is awesome. Looking for sports tourer bike under 2 lac. Before dominar you should look at a for Mahindra mojo.
# Thanks
By Shashank on 28-11-2017
I feel this bike will start doing well if mahindra releases a new version with cosmetic changes. Also, they need to do more advertising. No one knows about this bike.
By Akash Hooda on 22-07-2017
The Mojo is a good machine, i test rides them back in kollam, kerala. In some ways i totally agree with the review that this is a good tourer bike and have all the power of a good bike, but what about maintenance when going on long rides, do Mahindra have service centers spread across the nation? What happens when someone wants to take into the Himalayas and needs a quick overhaul, being a rider myself these kind of things comes to my mind when i take my bike to the unpaved roads, and am also concerned about the spare parts availability, anyway, If some one can enlighten me about my queries share here, it will be nice, fingers are crossed for Mahindra.
By Sai Krishna on 20-07-2017
The monkey face Mojo....### pathetic. feeling sorry for Mahindra. Poor guys.
By The Dukiest on 29-06-2017
I hate the sound of this bike. Its not soothing.
By Ajaz Ahmed on 29-06-2017
A Mojo proud owner. Great Bike. Looking forward for the upgraded Mojo in future
By Irshad Khan on 29-06-2017

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