Indian Chief Dark Horse Review

Make Way For The Pride of Ride, the Indian Chief Dark Horse

The raw, powerful and genuine make of the Indian Chief Dark Horse is a pure breed of premium Indian motorcycle performance and riding experience. Making its entry into the luxury cruiser segment in the two wheeler category of vehicles, the Indian Chief Dark Horse is one such phenomenal design framed upon a majestic combination of class, style, luxury, comfort and performance. The visual appeal of this macho cruiser is one of a kind view. First look of the motorcycle reminds us of the iconic Harley Davidson Street Glide but the uniqueness in styling and design of the motorcycle makes it a dynamic set of wheels. Design and styling of the motorcycle comes with an all new Blacked out styling which takes cover of a premium black tone right from one end to the other, including the rims, wheels, forks, engine, handlebars and every minute details of the vehicle.

Distinctive fuel tank graphics of the motorcycle is a dynamic add on to the overall image of the vehicle. The monochrome tank graphic is one such prominent feature that could only be found in the Chief Dark Horse. Placing the iconic Warbonnet right on top of the front fender in a blacked-out frame provides a cunning and aggressive look to the overall structure of the motorcycle. The add on not only enhances the beauty of this beast but also provides ample lighting. The first Indian Motorcycle of its kind. The 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse maintains the legendary Indian Chief styling, while taking an unpolished and raw approach to its finish with blacked-out styling. The Ape Hanger handlebar design of the motorcycle is yet another dynamic element of design.

The comfortably raised riding position of the rider is performed through the handlebars which also provides a sleek customized look for the motorcycle. Instrument and electronic system of the motorcycle also involves a set of few innovative techniques. A proven Thunder Stroke 111 engine of the motorcycle fills in a maximum torque volume of 119 ft-lbs. The massive engine gets an aggressive look with the all premium black primary paint coat. The split dual exhaust with a cross over lets in maximum air flow in and out of the vehicle. Smooth and balanced ride is offered by installing a front telescopic fork 4.7 in (119mm)-46mm cartridge forks with dual rate springs and a rear single shock 3.7 in mechanical preload 94mm suspension system of the motorcycle.

Braking system of the motorcycle comes with a front dual floating rotor with 4 piston caliper dual front 300mm with anti-lock brakes and a rear single floating rotor 2 piston caliper with 300mm anti-lock braking system. The brake calipers even comes with a fairing cover panel which provides cover from external damping. The huge tank of the Indian Chief Black Horse offers a fuel capacity of 20.8 litres. Standard options comes in a list starting from the ABS kit to the cruise control option of the motorcycle. The built in key less ignition of the motorcycle is yet another heart pumping feature which make it unique from every angle. Stylish, elegant and functional, the iconic fenders, standard since 1940, enhance the flowing styling lines of every Indian Motorcycle. They also provide protection, effectively blocking road spray and gravel kicked up by the tires.

So far the iconic blacked design Indian motorcycle has only made available in a premium black shade. The price of the Indian Chief Dark Horse in India will start from Rs. 21,99,999.
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