A Detailed Picture about the Upcoming Triumph 250cc Motorcycle

The name whistles as “Cub”. Still, it's not time to confirm yet.

Indian motorcycle industry is a big of any motorcycle maker in the world. It shows nothing but consistent growth in each and every year. Be it a commuter or a premium bike manufacturer, all are welcome here. Of course, it's not the same India anyway. An uncountable number of motorcycle enthusiasts which are accompanied by hundreds of motorcycle clubs are now seen in the country. Above all, the people have no stinginess to pay for even the most expensive machine though they are not at all value for money. So what else the foreign firms need to invade Indian two-wheeler industry.

And the British premium motorcycle manufacturer is the latest firm to hit Indian market. Absolutely Triumph needs no introduction for it's one of the very few richest motorcycle makers in heritage and tradition. Yup! Just like Harley Davidson and Royal Enfield. So, call it a cult brand.

Well, the latest headline is that Triumph is moulding out an all new 250cc motorcycle specially for Indian fanatics. And it is what here we talk about.

Triumph Cub Upcoming 250cc Motorcycle in India

Triumph is manufacturing the bike for India. Well, it's not a global one, but a special one for Indian customers. So, it would be a bike engined with 250-350cc heart. A 250cc engine is more expected and will increase the heart beats of many big names including Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson!

Researching out the recent history of superbikes, quarter-liter machines are huge hits. Making no difference, Triumph will be hitting with identical capacity heart.

Triumph Cub Upcoming 250cc Motorcycle in India

The rumoured pics predict that the upcoming 250cc machine will be a naked-street bike, which is something the beauty that can be crafted only form Triumph factories. According to Edward Turner who was the designer of the Cub and the Terrier models, “the minimum amount of metal perform the maximum amount of duty.” And in such a way he moulded out the Cub and Terrier which were the stepping stones of the current generation Triumph machines.

Following this way, the upcoming triumph bi-wheeler will have a minimalistic design. You can't absolutely see any body-kit other than the fuel tank and the couple boxes which can't be excluded over the entire body. Well, it's, of course, a beauty- nakedness!

Triumph Cub Upcoming 250cc Motorcycle in India

It's a made for India bike. So the machine would be equipped with a low cost frame without compromising anything on reliability and stability. According to the latest leaks the frame will be manufactured in steel to meet the price limit. Although it's a naked stuff on road, the machine won't be having a trellis structured frame just like seen on KTM Duke models. Instead of that the 250cc variant is likely to have steel tube frame that goes over and under the engine holding a small capacity of liquid cooled engine and eventually connected to a basic, box-section swingarm.

Triumph Cub Upcoming 250cc Motorcycle in India

Technical Specifications
The 250cc single-cylinder heart is expected to pull out a peak power of something 25-30 bhp, which is a respectful power delivery in the class. Meanwhile, the suspension is taken care by right side up forks and the rear is by a monoshock one. And for emergency braking disc has been mounted on each wheel.

What about the name?
Finding out a striking name is always hard. Well, If the firm already have such name in the garage as history is rechecked, the officials' works are partially done. That's during the second world war, Triumph launched a 150cc single cylinder engines machine, the Terrier. Later, the Terrier moved way for the Tiger Cub, which was also knows as the Cub. The firm could sell out 2 lakh units of the Cub during 1953 to 1969 period. This hot seller was also the stepping stone of the twin-cylinder triumphs. So, what is wrong if the firm rebrand the cult “Cub” to the motorcycle market and that is to India as well!

Triumph Cub Upcoming 250cc Motorcycle in India

Made in where?
Yup! It will be a made in India bike. Sounds great, right? Triumph has already a plant in Manesar, Haryana. And talks are going on to open another factory in Narsapura in Karnataka. Unfortunately, it has been rumoured that the Karnataka government has refused for the license to shut up the plant in the state. However, it's not clear as of now.

If the plan of Triumph is to build machines in India, they need to make a huge investment. And to regain such a huge investment over a period they need to open up bigger plants with better operational facilities. The current plant in Manesar is such a small and if the firm needs 500+ units per month, it is impossible with that kind of factory. Hopefull, the company will open up another bigger and better plant in India.

Triumph Cub Upcoming 250cc Motorcycle in India

Of course, Triumph will tag a very competitive and tempting price. It's expected that the bike will tag a price Rs. 2 – 2.25 lakh, which is certainly damn hot for thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts in the country.

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