Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Test Drive Report

One should choose the Bullet 500 for performance, stability, comfortable ride, and least vibration.

Royal Enfield is really into the hunt by introducing more and more models. After the launch of the Thunderbird 500, the Bullet 500 was the machine to get introduced to the Indian roads. Unfortunately, I was very late to make my testdrive on the powerful baby of RE. Well, better late than never. So I did it holding some good number of anticipations.

At a glance the Bullet 500 seems to be a crossover of the Classic and the Standard. The Bullet 500 has its own unique design. So it is very easy to realize the machine from any angle. Its brand new colour Forest green color is the key attraction of the two-wheeler. Its shining exhaust, tail lamp along with indicator and number plate, pilot headlights, side covers are borrowed from the Classic series. The presence of front disc brake adds a sporty look. The legendary winged badge on fuel tank taken from the Standard variant is redesigned here. It gives an aggressive look and helps the rider to commemorate the tradition of RE. It has a twin seat (not split seat), which remembers the Standard. Finally the "Bullet 500" branding on side covers put a richness to the bike. Well, I must say the Bullet looks somewhat between sporty and Classicism.

Royal Enfield Bullet 500

Even though Royal Enfield machines are known for its tradition and history, it is necessary to be equipped with good features to stand up with this generation machines. The Bullet 500 never disappoints any RE fanatics for it's loaded with good number of features. The UC Engine with heavier crank-shaft is the highlight of the bike. It is coupled with an engine killing switch to shut down engine rather than directly letting down directly. This helps to increase the life of the engine. A pillion grab rail has been added for the pillion riders. This is helpful especially for women pillion riders to keep balance while at ride.

Royal Enfield Bullet 500

Engine, Performance, Power and Top Speed
The all new Bullet 500 is powered by a 499cc, Single Cylinder, 4 stroke, Twinspark, Aircooled UC Engine replacing the old Cast Iron Engine. Delivering a massive power of 26.1 bhp @ 5100 rpm and gorgeous torque of 40.9 Nm @ 3800 rpm, the Bullet 500 is a great experience to anyone who loves speed and performance. Its engine is coupled with a 5 Speed Constant Mesh.

Well, I must say the Bullet 500's is so smooth which delivers vibration the least. One of the salesmen in the showroom from where I testdriven the Bullet 500 told me that the bike doesn't have the initial pick up as it is with the Classic 500. Well, while picking up the machine I didn't feel any lowness. I felt that everything was set to fire in a bull.

With one touch electric starter I initiated the bike. In fact the bike was slightly jumping to race. I gradually released the clutch liver and moved the machine. I was not at all bewared until the bike reached almost 80 kmph passing the 5th gear. So smooth, and so powerful. I just loved the moment. RE has done a great job. The least was the vibration I felt with the bike. In fact I didn't realize a vibration. Still, there is some bearable vibration reaching 50-70 kmph. But, clocking over it, it is simply awesome.

Impressively stability is there. The bike can easily be controlled just with two hands even at the top speed of 130 kmph. So I conclude that one must choose it for the sake of power and manoeuvrability.

Royal Enfield Bullet 500

Riding and Comfort
The ergonomics of the bike is superb. The handlebar, traditional twin seat, and well placed gear liver are absolutely fabulous. I felt that I was on a couch while riding it. Long drives are well possible on it. A pillion grab-rail with a cushion end has been placed for the pillion rider. It is very useful for women pillion riders. Moreover, the rear seat is slightly placed above and that is more comfortable to the pillion rider.

Turns, humps, or troughs, I don't think the rider gets tired. Coupled with a 280 mm disc brakes with 2 piston callipers and a drum brake at rear, sudden stops are possible even at high speeds. Its 19 inch shod with new MRF Zapper tyres reveals the stability and grip of the machine.

Royal Enfield Bullet 500

Quality, Maintenance and Resale Value
The RE has grown a lot. The machines are packed with great quality machines. Earlier the company had told that it would be concentration in quality units rather than number of products. It seems that the maker is living upto its word.

Bullet riders never check mileage. But recent fuel price hikes will certainly force even Harley Davidson owners to be aware on mileage. 35 kmpl is what the firm quotes. But we all know that it is a hardly gettable number. Still, there are reports even upto 32 kmpl. However, one can expect a mixed (city + highway) mileage between 25-30 kmpl.

Royal Enfield Bullet 500

Yup! The bullet 500 is the cheapest 500cc engined bike from Royal Enfield house. It is tagged Rs. 1,54,000 on road Mumbai, which is definitely a tempting figure for any Bullet lover.

This is a great machine from RE. The Bullet 500 is the right stuff for those who are looking for performance, stability, manoeuvrability, less vibration, and comfortable drive. Since the bike is priced too reasonably, it's affordable for many. In other words we can say that the Bullet 500 is absolutely a powerful family motorbike from RE for its seating is designed in such a way to accommodate your life partner comfortably.
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