Honda CBR 150R Vs Yamaha YZF R15 2.0

The most confused motorcycle class for any rider.

Most of the youngsters are busy to buy an entry level sports bike. Indian roads are known for the Pulsar bikes, which is currently known as the best selling sports motorbike brand in India with the Pulsar 220 DTS-i, and the Pulsar 200NS have a good sales every month. There are few more options left for who are willing to spend little more to buy fully-faired entry level sports machines. Yamaha YZF R15 2.0 and Honda CBR 150R are certainly the next options for any young rider.

Here you're definitely stuck. Because you're in great confusion to buy which one. Power, looks, engine, brand value, fuel efficiency, pricing and everything look almost the same. So to end up your dilemma to choose between we have compared the R15 2.0 and the CBR 150R in each and every aspect. Let's go through it.

Honda CBR 150R Vs Yamaha YZF R15 2.0

The outlook of any object is convinced by the mind of the person who looks at it. So it differs from person to person. Still, we can value the beauty of the bike by just glancing around it. Well, it seems that the R15 2.0 outplays the CBR 150R with its aggressive design. Having dual headlamp, split seat, newly designed exhaust, stunning graphics, big tyres, 5 spoke alloy wheel, rear mud guard, and tail cowl, the R15 looks like a mini YZF R1 on road.

In the other hand, CBR 150R is never backward to the R15. It has been crafted in a stunning way to look like an exact younger sibling of the CBR 250R. The CBR 150R is the youngest bird in the CBR series. Still, it is hardly said the CBR 150R is the mini version of the CBR 1000RR comparing the design.

Honda CBR 150R

Both bikes are almost equally featured. Still, some few numbers give priority to one. The R15 2.0 is nothing but comes with almost the same features we had seen in the first generation YZF R15. It has digital meter, dual headlight, split seat, and LED tail lamp. Considering the CBR 150R, we see the same elements equipped in it. Still, it misses an aggressive dual headlight, and LED tail lamp. Moreover, the CBR 150R doesn't have the engine killing switch, which is very essential for today riding. This was a poor move by Honda. I think Honda will come up with the same when updating it.

Yamaha YZF R15 2.0

Engine, Performance, Power and Top Speed
Yamaha R15 comes with a 149.8cc, Liquid cooled, 4 stroke, SOHC, 4-valve engine. It produces maximum power of 17 PS @ 8500 rpm and maximum torque of 15 N.m @ 7500 rpm. Meanwhile, Honda CBR 150R is coupled with a 149.4cc, Liquid cooled, 4 stroke SI engine, that fires out a superior 17.57 bhp @ 10,500 rpm. When it said in the name of it has a lower 12.66 Nm @ higher 8500 rpm. So in the paper the CBR 150R slightly overtakes the R15. Let's check when these come to on road.

Initial pick up is with the R15. Responding very quick to the acceleration, it takes the rider. It has high low-end and mid-end torque. It's a fact that the R15 2.0 doesn't have the performance of its predecessor. Users of first generation R15 is simply blaming for its low power. Once the machine passes mid-end torque, the all whistles sound for the CBR 150R. It takes the lead in long rides. Even revving at high speeds the engine is smooth and ever smoother. Here we have to salute the engineers of Honda and this is what a Honda machine is known for- its smooth engine. There is also one more important thing that you might haven't noticed. Because it's technical. The CBR 150R is equipped with DOHC (Dual Over Head Cam) 4 Valve System to the engine, while the R15 is mated with SOHC (Single Over Head Cam) 4 Valve System. In the CBR 150R with DOHC, one camshaft controls the intake valves and one camshaft controls the exhaust valves, at the same time in the R15 with SOHC, one camshaft controls both the intake and exhaust valves. And you should know that DOHC is more expensive and way better than the SOHC. So more power is achieved by Honda engine. The top speed of the R15 is 129 kmph and the same of CBR 150R is 132 kmph.

Honda CBR 150R

Handling and Riding Comfort
Both two-wheelers are intended to be sports bike. So the manufactures has considered the least regarding city drives. Still, it is manageable. But, the exact thrill we find only on the highways. There we can ride it like professional racers. Handling is superb for both bikes. Getting nutted with larger tyre, the R15 is offered with more stability.

Before riding the CBR 150R, all my passion was the R15 2.0. But just after getting on to the seat of CBR 150R, I was very much impressed. It has a better ergonomics than the R15. The handle looks so light, the seating position seems so cool and every aspect suits for anyone. So highway and long rides are thrilling on the CBR 150R. With a neatly designed rear seat, a pillion rider can also accompany us even for long rides. When it comes to the R15, a long ride is obviously impossible. The seat is harder. Even a 20 km ride makes uncomfortable and tired. And talking about pillion riders journey on it, I use to laugh whenever I see a passenger on the rear seat of R15. It needs a ladder to get on it and getting on it the pillion rider feels like that he/she is on something's roof. Moreover, it's risky too. We never moves like a snail with this machine. We always want to jet with sports machine. The case of R15 doesn't make any differences. So going with a pillion rider at high speed and is sudden brake is applied, that may cause the pillion rider's death. So should we take risk? We youngsters buy bikes and dream to carry our girlfriends at rear. So would you mind to take any risk with you beloved guys?

Braking is superb in both machines. Having a single disc brake in each wheel, the bike stops wherever it is asked to.

Yamaha YZF R15 2.0

Quality, Maintenance and Resale value
Usually Japanese machines are known for their reliability and long life. So do the CBR 150R and the R15 2.0. The engines of both two-wheelers are of great reliability. So there is nothing much to be worried on this. Engine of both are top class. Still, the Honda engine outshines the Yamaha stuff a bit. Well, Honda hasn't put the same effort on its body parts. The plastic used in it is cheap. The flash light switch is same as that seen in the CBF Stunner. Honda should have given high quality plastic. It's so poor from Honda. Meanwhile, Yamaha is embodied with world class quality everywhere.

Honda CBR 150R

The 150R and the R15 give almost the same mileage. There is no huge difference in.

Honda CBR 150R
City- 47 kmpl
Highway- 43 kmpl
Overall- 45 kmpl

Yamaha YZF R15
City- 43 kmpl
Highway- 47 kmpl
Overall- 45.5

Well, this numbers might not be the fact for you. Even, there are guys who get 30 kmpl for these bike. So mileage depends up on how you ride. Ride well, it saves you and your money.

Yamaha YZF R15 2.0

The R15 has been priced Rs. 1,11,500 and Rs. 1,21,342 (both are ex-showroom price Delhi) for the 150R. So the 150R is clearly Rs. 10,000 more than the R15, which might tempt you to leave the CBR. Honda should have launched the bike with a cheaper price. At least being cheaper Rs. 5000 than the current pricing could have helped Honda to do a great job in sales. Yup! I should say that the CBR 150R is slightly overpriced.

This is Honda Vs Yamaha or in a better way Japan Vs Japan. If you have enough money to spend, I can tell you the CBR 150R is the best choice. It has better riding comfort, smoother, more powerful and more reliable engine. As an add-on you can also have a pillion rider here. But you need to spend Rs. 10,0000 more to own it. Meanwhile, the design is the trump card of the R15 and its exterior quality is also great. But, you can't have a pillion rider. It stands for sole and selfish riding. Moreover, long rides are hardly done due to its uncomfortable seat cushion. So all you can have sporty bi-wheeler which is all good for show off and some limited highway drives.

Let me tell you one more story why I prefer the CBR 150R over the R15. I met up with a technician in a Yamaha authorised service centre. He replied me within no time that the CBR 150R, when I asked him which was better, the CBR 150R or the R15. And he explained that the new R15 2.0 didn't have the performance as it had with the first version. There is problem with chain, chain sprocket, and handle cone set. Meanwhile, the only complaint he pointed out against the CBR 150R was that its chain problem and low quality switches.
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Yup, I feel the same. Honda CBR 150R sounds better than the Yamaha R15. Still, missing engine killing switch is really poor from Honda.
By on 26-06-2013
riylLLLy nice bike
By on 23-03-2014
honda have to give good quality plastic
i prefer to buy honda cbr
By on 24-09-2014
Honda cbr 150R is nice bike
By on 24-10-2014
Honda cbr150 is best bike
By on 04-04-2015
i think HONDA CBR 150 is more better than Yamaha R15
By on 14-05-2015
very nice bike honda cbr
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I like it Yamaha thats why Yamaha lookings big sports byke
By on 12-09-2015
East or west yamaha is the best
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Akhir honda to honda he bhai cbr 150
By on 22-11-2015
Is R15s a better bike than CBR 150cc??
By on 02-12-2015
The best bike CBR 150r
By on 11-03-2016
Cbr 150 don't have kill switch and light passing switch. We pay more money but Wr don't have that option. So not worthy
By on 25-04-2016
By on 16-09-2016
#HondaCBR150r stunning looking with she's in extra speed of #YamahaR15
By on 19-03-2017

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