Test Drive Report of Honda CB Trigger

Are you looking to buy the CB Trigger? Here is the complete test drive report of it.

Checking out the recent strategy Honda has taken, we can realize that the firm is in a real hunt to achieve what the company wanted by 2015-16. Honda had earlier announced that they would become the best motorcycle seller of India and hence the world by the same period. Well, it seems everything under the control of HMSI. The firm has already launched 3 updated scooters and a bike, and an all new bike, the CB Trigger. The lately launched 150cc commuter motorcycle of Honda, the CB Trigger's test drive report is what we have here to talk about.

I was very excited to take on the new 150cc machine of HMSI and to know what special the company has coupled with the CB Trigger. As soon as I reached a Honda showroom, I was offered a test drive. Soon I got on the CB Trigger.

Honda CB Trigger

It obviously depends upon each and everybody's point of view. You may like it or hate it. Well, I neither liked it nor hated it. But, I really felt that Honda designers could have done a better job here. They introduced the CB Unicorn Dazzler years back. The bike didn't grab the hearts of customers due to its partially-loveable design. So it remains as an average machine from Honda. I scare whether the same thing will happen to the CB Trigger. Still, Honda has come up with several impressive stuffs, to add sporty feel to it. Its floating side cowls attached to the newly designed fuel tank, all black unique silencer, aggressive headlamp with air scoops, and LED rear light are few of them. Still, I really think that Honda designers hasn't done a full-hearted work on its headlight and LED light. It looks slightly unacceptable from some angles. The LED rear light could have been smaller and that's the beauty of LED lights.

Yup! Honda CB Trigger is loaded with even more features. This makes the machine the real king among its rivals. It is coupled with a stylish fully digital instrument panel, that helps the rider to know things at a glance while riding, Combi Brake System (CBS) along with front and rear disc brakes, which enhances braking ability to the next level, wider tubeless tyres, which ensures long life, a viscous air filter causing less troubles, and a maintenance free battery which saves money. These are all tempting for any customer who is looking to buy a 150cc commuter bike.

Honda CB Trigger

Engine, Performance, Power and Top Speed
The CB Trigger comes with the same 149.1cc, Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI engine, that powers its sibling the CB Unicorn Dazzler, which is capable to deliver maximum power of 14 HP @ 8500 RPM, and maximum torque of 12.5 Nm @ 6500 RPM. It means the bike is more powerful than the CB Unicorn and has a good initial pick-up as well. It is coupled with a 5 Speed constant mesh, which is never a burden through city traffics. In fact, riding out the bike I got thrilled and satisfied before the offering of Honda. It really outplays the legend CB Unicorn. Because, the engine is so smooth and perfect. Earlier, I have heard this smoothness only from the engines of Honda CB Unicorn, CB Dazzler, Hero Xtreme and Hunk. Still, there is vibration above 70 kmph. That's the only thing you may get insulted here. Still, there is no much vibes. You can get used with it. There is nothing much to curse on it. Well, the top speed of the bike is around 110-120 kmph. The company hasn't said anything on it.

Riding and Comfort
When the CB Trigger comes into riding, we really realize the beauty of the bike. Its ergonomics is quiet impressive. The seat design, handle bar, and foot rests are well placed for commuting. Coupled with Telescopic front suspension and Monoshock rear suspension, the bike ensures a comfortable journey. Added with a 80/100-17 M/C 46P front tyre and a 110/80-17 M/C 57P rear tyre, maximum manoeuvrability is offered even at high speeds and while taking turns as well. It's sure that the bike is crafted for short commuting. The firm targets the working executives with the machine. The pillion rider can also have a comfortable drive.

Honda CB Trigger

Quality, Maintenance and Resale Value
Stop worrying, this is from Honda. The quality is assured. Perhaps, the most reliable machine in its class is the CB Trigger. So for long life you may chose it. Still, it's a new bike, it's yet to be proven. Concurrently, less maintenance and high resale value is promised.

60 kmpl is what Honda offers. One of the users said me that he got around 60 kmpl mileage when he throttled the machine at 50-55 kmph. This is really incredible. But, going beyond 60 kmph will surely reduce the fuel efficiency. Well, it's never going to be an issue. Because, if we need power, we should compromise in fuel efficiency. If you can continuously drive at a constant speed, you can almost achieve what the firm offers. Anyway, all I can tell you is that the bike is far ahead than its rivals comparing the mileage factor.

Honda CB Trigger

The bike is priced more than the CB Unicorn and the CB Unicorn Dazzler. Still, we can't firmly say it's is overpriced. Because, the CB Trigger is equipped with digital meter console, rear disc brake and CBS. Well, it comes in three variants so that it becomes even affordable. To own Standard version, which doesn't have a rear disc, we need to spend Rs. 3000 more than the CB Unicorn. Meanwhile, the Deluxe option with rear disc is available for extra Rs. 6200 compared with the CB Unicorn and for the full option, the CBS model, Rs. 14,000 more is needed. That means a customer needs to spend Rs. 85,200 to roll out the CBS version on road. Well, extra fittings will cost even more.

The 150cc class is one of the best selling motorcycle categories in India. So, there is no scarcity of rivals. The CB Trigger mainly rivals, Honda's own well settled CB Unicorn. However, the firm discontinued the CB Unicorn Dazzler, which reduces one competitor. The other strong opponents are Hero Xtreme and Hunk, Pulsar 150 DTS-i, Yamaha FZ S and FZ16, TVS Apache RTR 160 Hyperedge, and Suzuki GS 150R.

Honda CB Trigger

The CB Trigger is nothing but a slightly modified bike of the CB Unicorn and the CB Unicorn Dazzler. It uses the same engine and all. So nothing much differences are seen. Stiil, the newly designed headlight, LED tail lamp, exhaust, fuel tank give some newness to the bike. But these newness are unimpressive due to poor designing. But, we should realize the fact behind the making of the bike. Honda wanted a commuter bike with better performance, fuel efficiency, quality, and comfort. Yup! We can find it all in the CB Trigger. Nevertheless, it is not a must one to buy in this class. If you want CBS, go for it. You should also understand how expensive is the CBS version. Or else go for the CB Unicorn or the Hero Xtreme. The Xtreme provides you split seat, digital instrument panel, and rear disc brake, which all are unseen in the CB Unicorn.

Digital meter console
Front and disc brakes
Tubeless tyres
LED tail lamp
Mono-shock suspension
Naked or street machine design

Should have had a better design
Pricing may cause
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Trigger is awesome the smoothness is incomparable it is actually awesome. .... honda is honda u know
By Wolter on 28-05-2015
By Abi on 18-10-2013
i am really keen on this bike as i want the smoothness of unicorn but at a lighter weight and fresh look , how bad are the vibrations - foot rest alone or handle alone or whole body ? also are they present only after 70kmph ?
By Sanjay on 26-06-2013
I didn't like the design. Its looking crap.
By Sankar on 24-06-2013
It doesn't look good. But it's performing very well. Better to buy Hero Xtreme.
By Paul on 24-06-2013

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