Shootout: Hero Glamour Vs Honda CB Shine

The best 125cc bikes in India.

The 125cc motorcycle class is one of the best selling motorcycle segments in the Indian two-wheeler industry. Many commuter riders are behind this. Because, the 125cc category bikes are well packed with fuel efficiency, reasonable pricing, and enough power.

Hero Glamour and Honda CB Shine are considered as the best 125cc motorcycles in India> Well, a person, who search out for the best 125cc bi-wheeler, will probably settle down either with the Glamour or with the Shine. Now let's examine each corners of both machines to spell out which is the best 125cc bike of India.

Honda Shine

The Glamour has a stunning V-shaped classy headlight. Being added some fairing to the bottom of the fuel tank, the bike feels more sporty and attractive. The bike comes with dual tone graphics, which is available in four paint schemes - Black with sports red, and Black with Tornado grey metallic, Candy blazing red, and Black with vibrant orange. Hero launched the face-lifted Glamour in June, 2011 after unveiling the machine in 2005.

Concurrently, the CB Shine seems to be congested version of the CB Unicorn. Being coupled with minimal designs, Honda has given out a good commuter bike with good looking. Its headlight, tail lamp, exhaust, graphics, fuel tank, and alloy wheels are more comfortable as far as a commuter class is concerned. Proving more colorful choice, the CB Shine is available in 5 colors - Force silver metallic, Black, Geny grey metallic, Rebel red metallic, and Monsoon grey metallic.

Both the Glamour and the Shine look stylish enough to be the good looking commuter bikes. It is really hard to choose out the best in the basis of appearance. The CB Shine looks slightly smaller and that provides the machine more cuteness, and the 3D Honda tag placed on the fuel tank is stunning. At the same time, the Glamour looks a bit bigger and ensures a muscular figure.

Hero Glamour

Engine and Performance
The CB Shine is mated with a 124.7 cc, Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SI Engine. The bike produces peak power of 10.12 bhp @ 7500 rpm and peak torque of 10.54 Nm @ 5500 rpm. It is wedded with a 4 speed gear transmission. Meanwhile, the Glamour is coupled with a 124.7cc, Air cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder OHC engine. It is capable to produce maximum power of 9BHP @ 7000 RPM and maximum power of 10.35 Nm @ 4000 RPM. It is also wedded with a 4 speed transmission.

Well, comparing the technical specifications of both bikes, it is very clear that the CB Shine is more powerful than the Glamour. It is no different while riding the CB Shine. The Shine has got a quick throttle response and greater initial power. Moreover, the Shine weighs lesser than the Glamour. So incredible is the power-weight ratio of the Shine compared to the Glamour.

Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications, Price, Images and Full Details of Hero Glamour

Technical Specifications, Price, Images and Full Details of Honda CB Shine

Honda Shine

Handling and Riding Comfort
Both the CB Shine and the Glamour offer excellent manoeuvrability. Since both motorcycles are made aiming the commuter riders, city rides are way better with this machines. As the CB Shine is smaller in size and has more power, it would be better for city rides for quick acceleration. However, the Glamour comes into action in highways and long rides. The bike is bigger and can even accommodate a fatty or a taller guy which looks vulgar with the Shine. Well, the ergonomics of the Glamour is superb and better than its rival. The bike is very apt considering Indian road's conditions So lesser is the probability to get gifted back pain compared to the Shine.

Moreover, shivering is there in the CB Shine when the bike is beyond 60 kmph, which is less in the Glamour as it has got a better body.

Fuel Efficiency
Both the CB Shine and the Glamour give back almost the same mileage. 60 kmpl is achievable in both machines. Interestingly, many have reported 60+ mileage in both and even a lower figure of 40 kpml has also been reported in both.

Hero Glamour

Being commuter bikes which are reasonably priced, the CB Shine and the Glamour are featured the least. Still, both machines are equipped with sporty alloy wheels and much useful front disc brake. Why the Shine is superior here, it is mated with tubeless tyres. However, the absence of much needed digital meter, which is present in the Glamour gives a superiority to the Hero motorcycle as it helps the rider to calculate stuffs being a next generation rider.

There is no much difference in pricing. Both motorcycles are priced very aggressively and reasonably in order to attract more and more customers to the store.

Both Hero Glamour and Honda CB Shine are really the best 125cc bike in the country. And it is really hard to tell which is the best. If you consider power and engine performance, the CB Shine is definitely the champion of this shootout. However, performance is not all about the bike. Comfortable riding is also an important count when electing a bike. The CB Shine is smaller and can be hardly ridden by a fat or a tall person, whereas the Glamour is bigger enough, which can be easily driven by any kind of persons, and ensures better and comfortable drive. So, if you can compromise power for getting a more comfortable bike, the Glamour is the best option, unless the CB Shine is the best 125cc bike.

Additionally, Hero offers a better version of the Glamour, the Glamour PGM Fi. To own this you need to shed out more money. The Glamour PGM Fi is a fuel injection version of the ordinary Glamour and the company offers an unbelievable mileage of 82 kmpl under standard conditions. However, there is no other differences. The power, technical specifications, and features and everything are just the same.
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So you consider the Glamour and Shine as better 125 ccs than SS125? Fine. Did the reviewer ever rode an SS125? If not, ask any person who has driven all the 3 bikes for a considerable amount of time and among all speeds(specially 90kmph+). Please be neutral when writing any such reviews!
By on 09-06-2013
i feel practically. glamour is more convenient then any other 125 cc bike in ride comfort.maintenance and good customer support ..particularly shine maintenance and mileage is poor compare to glamour
By on 15-11-2013
ss125 is the poorer in comfort than glamour but slightly better in power. in overall my openion glamour is the best amoung three in 125cc commuter segment.
By on 02-01-2014
Ss 125 has a great look
By on 13-03-2014
Don't buy any hero bikes. Now Hero is Zero
By on 16-04-2014
Honda shin baik
By on 10-03-2015
Its Honda guys.. I've used glamour more Than shine.. But still I feel and believe shine is a better choice than glamour..
By on 17-07-2015
CB Shine is the best.........milage 55-60 nd pick-up heavy
By on 05-10-2015
Lowest kpl 45 km per litre very bad veh
By on 24-12-2015
Very good bike
By on 23-09-2016

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