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Mahindra Pantero, the successor of the broken sparrow, the Stallio launched in the Indian two wheeler market registering the second entry of Mahindra back in to the genre of motorcycle world. As it comes back for the second time, we motorcycle enthusiasts can assume that the upgraded machine will feature a lot of new facilities and hopefully might have cleared the defects rolled on with the previous machine. Back in October 2010, Mahindra unveiled its debut motorcycle, the Stallio. It was intended to export to other countries. Unfortunately, the debutant got ill-treated due to the deficiency to have a feasible engine.

Mahindra Pantero

The Pantero looks extremely disappointed. It ain't come across to the standard platform of motorcycle designing. And the designers of Mahindra are yet to learn what kind of looking motorcycles are the Indian customers searching for. The bike seems so sleek. The sloppy headlamp is taken from its predecessor. Remember, the Stallio failed to impress customers with its design. So carrying on the same worthless piece is a sheer waste of time.

However, the Pantero has some major differences in appearance comparing with its predecessor, the Stallio. The Pantero is lined up with some good sort of graphics on the body. Its black-finished engine and exhaust definitely pulls out some stunning outline. Thanks to the pilot LED dual lamps that proclaims the coming of the bike. And the LED tail lamp also grab some kinda attention. Still, Mahindra failed to meet the concept of introducing a well designed motorcycle. The company should had learnt from the Stallio.

Even though it dissatisfies with its looks, Mahindra has got something to console commuter riders in the form of extra premium features. The bike spotlights some stressing features those dominate over the other motorcycles in this same category. Blended with MCi5(Micro Chip Ignited-5 curve)engine, advanced digital dashboard, white light torching LED pilot lamps, comfortable 774mm height seat and stylish multi bulb LED tail lamps, the Pantero competes in the name of having mated with tons of features.

Technical Specifications
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Mahindra Pantero

Riding and Handling
The Pantero is built in an all-new double cradle frame which is 1.87 kg lighter than its predecessor not only decreases the mass but also increases the rigidity and reliability of the machine. This makes the vehicle much manoeuvrable. Its telescopic coil spring suspension at front and a coiled 5 step adjustable rear suspension provide an unwrinkled motion.

Featured with wheelbase of 1265 mm and height of 1050 mm make sure the rider is comfortable. Moreover, a well displaced seat cheers up commuting to the next level. However, the absence of a disc brake is an annoying question mark to Mahindra. It will surely trouble the rider to discontinue the motion without a disc brake. The company should had learnt from the Stallio.

Mahindra Pantero

Performance, Power and Top Speed
Mated with an all new 106.7 cc, Single Cylinder, 4-stroke, Air cooled, Mci-5 engine, the bike is never picked like an extra ordinary commuter but performs just as an ordinary entry level bi-wheeler. The new Micro Chip Ignited-5 curve engine, which was developed in the R&D of Mahindra Two Wheelers produces a handy power of 8.4 bhp @ 7500 rpm and a handsome torque of 8.5 Nm @ 5500 rpm. Equipped with a 4-speed constant mesh transmission, the bike tops a maximum velocity of 91.5 kmph. And the two wheeler defines the same vibration at maximum rpm just like its competitors in this class.

Mahindra offers a stunning mileage of 79.4 kmpl under standard condition. Even though it's really hard to achieve that figures in cities, it is accessible to figure out an overall economy of 67-70 kmpl would be effortlessly possible.

Mahindra Pantero

Quality and Maintenance
Mahindra has proved its reliability by unveiling the Pantero. It is never the same Stallio but another well set machine that can terribly scare its rivals by means of quality. The dash board, meter console, body graphics and everything looks well finished and settled. Thus worrying on its maintenance is a sheer waste of time.

Mahindra is yet to officially announce the exact price of the Pantero. Still, tagging an on-road price around Rs.50,000 would be a much tempting deal by the company.

Mahindra Pantero is placed in the entry level commuter motorcycle segment. So there is no lack for extreme opponents. The line up is rivalled with Hero Splendor variants, Passion Variants, HF Deluxe, HF Dawn, Honda CB Twister, Dream Yuga, Bajaj Discover 100T, Discover 100, Platina, and Suzuki Hayate.

If you're looking for your first motorcycle in the entry commuter level, the Pantero holds a good stake. Because, the machine looks decent, featured with many tactics, well suited for city commutes and gives back 75.4 kmpl mileage. But, if you want a good looking, performing and branded motorcycle, you must opt something else since the Pantero is yet to be proven in times.

LED pilot and tail lamps
Newly developed Mci5 engine
75.4 kmpl
Looks lighter, rigid and reliable

No front disc brake
Doesn't look attracting
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