Planet's fastest bike coming to India

Here comes a news to add excitement and thrill to the hearts of all those in India who loves speed and bikes. Gulf Oil along with Top Fuel Bike, is bringing the fastest drag bike to India, along with 5 times European Drag Racing Champion, Ian King. No other news can give Indian bike lovers a bigger treat.

In an event which is scheduled to be held in India, Indian Motorcycling Enthusiasts will get to witness the power of 1585cc inline-4 PUMAEngine in all its glory, as puts a whopping 1500bhp to the rear wheel and propels the bike to 97kmph in less than 0.7 seconds and to 402.8kmph in under 7 seconds!

This kind of a speed is unimaginable for Indians with the bikes available in the market. Indian bike enthusiasts, will be keen to see their passion attaining the best speed in the planet. The event promises to be a sure treat for all those who love bikes.
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Last updated on 16-12-2011. Published on 16-12-2011.
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