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Castrol Launches India's First Gearless Scooter Engine Oil

The finest brand of industrial and automotive lubricants, Castrol India introduced country's first ever engine oil, 'Castrol Activ Scooter', for gearless scooters. The lubricant is distinctively made for gearless engines. The advanced Scootek technology used in Castrol Activ Scooter, conserves low friction. The lubricant is specially designed for modern automatic 4-stroke scooter engines. Right now, all gearless scooters are under threat of usual engine oils which are made for motorcycles. Obviously gearless scooter engines are severely different from motorcycle engines. And requirement of a newly categorized engine oil is neccessary.

Castrol Launches India's First Gearless Scooter Engine Oil

"Most consumers are not aware about the need for special engine oil for gearless scooters. Modern gearless scooter engines need low friction oils for optimum performance and need to be protected from high temperature as the engine is compact and enclosed. The special formulation of Castrol Activ Scooter with Scootek Technology reduces heat induced engine oil oxidation by 30% and engine friction by 24%, compared to ordinary oils. This results in increased engine efficiency and superior heat protection for critical engine components" said Kedar Apte, Category Manager, two-wheeler oils.

Realizing the fact that conventional motorcycle engine oil in gearless scooters does not give the best performance, Castrol developed the engine oil that could provide additional heat protection to the engine even at high temperature. The technology formulated in Activ Scooter helps to increase engine efficiency and to deliver maximum power consistently. The company also assures long life to engines those utilize Activ Scooter.

Castrol Launches India's First Gearless Scooter Engine Oil

Brett Lee is the brand ambassador of castrol.

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Last updated on 27-06-2012. Published on 27-06-2012.
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