Petrol Price Hike to Boost Two Wheeler Sales

How long is petrol an affordable fuel in India? Are Indian citizens fools to pay excessive tax? Do you know, without any tax, petrol basically costs only 23 per litre! Making profits in multiples of crores year by year, the petroleum companies still say they are in loss!

Petrol Price Hike to Boost Two Wheeler Sales

Whatever may be the reasons to hike petrol price as a ritualistic procedure, the whole Indian market is witnessing a severe decline in car sales. This is just because of the cheapest transportation mean given by two-wheelers. A senior executive of Hero MotoCorp said, "with each jump in fuel price, the cost of running a car goes up tremendously. Based on the changing economic scenario, where inflation is already forcing people to curtail spending, customers look for cheaper transport options to manage their budgets."

Running a petrol car is an unbearable format these days. A 15kmpl car drinks petrol of Rs.4.8 to run a single km, whereas a 60kmpl bike burns only Rs.1.2! That is exactly 4 times greater than the amount utilized by a petrol injected car. "The impact becomes clear as demand for scooters has been consistent and strongest across all segments of passenger vehicles with a visible strong shift in urban centers. While customers were battling high interest rates in times of double-digit inflation, the steepest ever increase in fuel price should spur demand for fuel efficient scooters and bikes," remarked Atul Gupta, vice-president of Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt Ltd.

Petrol Price Hike to Boost Two Wheeler Sales

The car sales have been driven down to the lowest sale figure of 3.4% in the month of April in 10 years. At same time, two-wheeler industry witnessed a 11% promotion. Extremely it's affected by the huge petrol price inclination and the increased price of cars after the parliament bill. As the economical bikes are yet to get introduced in the market soon, there is no other way than attractive plans and offers for car manufacturers to tempt customers.

Petrol Price Hike to Boost Two Wheeler Sales
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