Petrol Price Hiked, Where are Diesel Bikes?

When will the petrol price hit 100 mark? That's the only question among citizens now a days. Raising petrol price has become a ritual to Indian Govt. Recently they hiked the price by a massive margin of Rs. 7.50. There is no excuse for burdening people by hiking daily commodities amount. Remember India is only a developing country and it includes mostly by middle class families. Now the real question is 'what is the solution for petrol hike?' Especially for bikes which run in petrol?

Petrol Price Hike

What about electric bikes? Though there are some electric motorcycle brands, it couldn't attract enough attentions yet. It's due to the time taken and availability of electric charging. Electric charging stations across the country can only be fiction. It hasn't yet come to the reality. The Govt. don't take preliminary actions to pull it up instead they find fun in raising petroleum price.

Petrol Price Hike

At this stage diesel bikes are the best solution. Royal Enfield has something to say on its no more diesel editions which are likely to bounce back. Though Enfield and Hero had announced about launching diesel models this year, it seems the bikes would only be in papers not in reality. Moreover it's to be said that the Indian motorcycle manufactures haven't learned the business yet, unless they would have proved it by launching any diesel variant at the right time.

Due to the petrol price hike, India's leading car manufacturers declined their petrol cars' price upto Rs.50,000 yesterday. Tata stands at the top by slashing upto Rs.50,000 for its Indica variant, while India's largest car manufacturer Maruti did it for Alto by Rs.30,00 and Hyundai by Rs.3000.

Petrol Price Hike

Definitely it would be tough to sell two wheelers. So motorcycle manufactures may reduce their products' price or find another way to satisfy customers. Anyway, diesel bikes stand as the current solution for all. It's better to have a 22kmpl giving diesel car than a 33kmpl bike. Certainly car becomes more economical. The matter has gone at such remote.
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