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Polaris to Hit Kerala Market

Polaris India launched its all-terrain vehicles in Kerala. The US based company which is renowned for its well manufactured off-roaders will be rolling out for the Forest and the Police departments in Kerala soon. Pankaj Dubey, MD of Polaris India Pvt Ltd. addressed the brand while launching said, "Various government departments like forest and paramilitary forces are the segments we are going to focus on in Kerala. Polaris' offroaders can be driven through dense forests and are also used to control situations like riots that happen offroad."

Polaris offroader

Polaris' product range starts at Rs.2.86 lakh in Kochi showroom. It doesn't need a license to drive Polaris ATVs, since these are off-roaders. "Our Indian operations started nine months back and Kochi is our tenth dealership in the country," Dubey added.

Polaris largely sells its products in Mumbai, which is the leading market of Polaris India, and Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai are the other following cities. "In Mumbai, high net worth individuals who live in beach houses buy the off-roaders for driving on beaches.

Polaris offroader

Then there is the third segment: entrepreneurs who buy up to ten vehicles and charge people for a drive on dedicated tracks. As it is a profitable business, this segment is fast growing," Dubbey commented. "Our principal aim is to sensitize customers and create new markets for the options available in recreational vehicles such as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), Ranger, RZR side-by-side vehicles and snowmobiles," Dubey added.

Polaris offroader

Polaris, one of the leading ATV manufactures, aims to sell 100 million ATVs in India by 2016-17. However the company didn't revealed the sales figures since it joined the Indian market. It's certain that the focus is on customers who enjoy ATVs as recreational vehicles. The company has already opened up10 showrooms through out the country under three categories names Sportsman ATVs, Ranger RZR and Snowmobiles.

Polaris offroader

Indroduction of off-roaders to Kerala Govt. departments will turn a new page in Kerala History.

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Last updated on 29-05-2012. Published on 29-05-2012.
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