Royal Enfield to launch Diesel bikes by 2012

With the competition getting more and more intense, like many of the Indian two wheeler companies, Royal Enfield is also planning to launch bikes in newer segments, with the idea of bigger engines and diesel variants.

Royal Enfield is now the smallest reputed two wheeler company by volumes. As a part of their improvement plans, they are looking to upgrade to the segment of 750cc engines and above in the coming years. It does not face competition from any manufacturer for the class of motorcycles it makes, with engine capacities of 350cc and 500cc.

Enfield, as a plan to launch varieties, is planning to bring diesel-powered bikes back into the Indian market, a project for which work is already on. It was the first two-wheeler manufacturer to introduce diesel bikes, in the late 1990s.

Amongst new launches, the firm has planned street versions of the Cafe Racer concept, to be introduced over the next 12-18 months. The company does not face competition from any manufacturer for the class of motorcycles it makes, with engine capacities of 350cc and 500cc.
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Last updated on 08-12-2011. Published on 08-12-2011.
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nice to good i m watting
By on 11-12-2011
good it will be a big succses
By on 13-12-2011
i will surely buy it
By on 15-12-2011
whats the average man......................
By on 20-12-2011
best option for every one any body purchased it
By on 21-12-2011
thank god the dream has come true but please do something early. bec' since 10 years i have saving a money for buying a Bullet now the opportunity comes to take diesal version it would be better the dream comes true 2012 waiting for it.
By on 25-12-2011
i will surely buy it . I hope its looking is nice.
By on 25-12-2011
That is fine, now I have a 1973 diesel bullet. I shall give it to my brother and get a new born bike.
By on 28-12-2011
I am waiting......
By on 01-01-2012
By on 04-01-2012
Currently i have 1984 model.yes i am waiting to diesel variant of royal enfield.
By on 08-01-2012
my waiting is over to buy a royal enfields diesel version motorcycle. so please quickly build a new version diesel motorcycle for same waiting customers. currently am a taurus diesel owner. the company make a new diesel with self start for 2012, it is absolutely super and the aim is to be success for the new year.
By on 12-01-2012
pls minimize wait of bike then evry one will buy
By on 12-01-2012
I am waiting for it.......
By on 12-01-2012
Please launch bullet as soon as possible coz i have booked thunderbird... So i can switch to diesel as it will be economical when compared to petrol version... So pls do it with no waiting period.. Thanks!!
By on 25-01-2012
i am waiting for disel bullet.ilikedisel bullet.come quick to market.
By on 06-02-2012
That's great, i love drive on my dad's bullet but it's cost too much to drive in city coz it is petrol. So if diesel bullet launched ill never miss the chance. Hai.. man (bullet) when ll you come i am waiting for you.
By on 07-02-2012
9ic 2 good nd I'm waiting this spcl bike .............
By on 11-02-2012
f it you are telling from long time
By on 12-02-2012
im looking frwd for it.......!
By on 17-02-2012
Iam waiting from disel bullet. please quick launch in tamil nadu
By on 19-02-2012
By on 20-02-2012
if u guys launch now i will definitly buy,because i dont have a bike,& u should launch now only because there are so many modern 250cc &650cc bikes are comming to indian market,but they all are petrole,& no looking forwared to see diseal bullet
By on 21-02-2012
If u launch diesel Bullet,I will be customer of u People.Currently i m having Electra
By on 24-02-2012
l have disel bulet but i want to buy new disel bulet whne yuo lauch call me 9833054985 im buy it 1 st
By on 25-02-2012
ooooo it will be a god gift which we will get frm a vry long period of waiting i will buy it as soon it will be lonched
By on 25-02-2012
hai when will come this plan
By on 27-02-2012
i am waiting to buy diesel launch diesel bullet in erode.9578046338.
By on 29-02-2012
When is it being launched??
By on 02-03-2012
till not launched??? when it get launch exactlly????
By on 02-03-2012
Iam waiting to buy dieselbullet when launch in tamilnadu my no 9787435036
By on 04-03-2012
it's a incredible news. but does it happen?
By on 05-03-2012
I am eagerly waiting for this Machine I need this bullet very badly.
By on 07-03-2012
Good news but have heard that bikes which run on diesel are not good for health. Pls see to it and accordingly the bike shall be crafted
By on 07-03-2012
i will for dis bike
By on 09-03-2012
I have been reading such articles for the last 2 years. And I dont think we will get to see the new breed of diesel bikes anytime before late 2013 or early 2014. Also I would not be surprised to see some Indian company like "Sooraj" re-launching the diesel bike before Hero or Royal Enfield.

One more thing, Royal Enfield was not the first to manufacture diesel bikes in India. The first diesel bike in India was "Sooraj".
By on 13-03-2012
I am waiting for it.......plz launch first.
By on 15-03-2012
I have always dreamt of a TAURUS kind of.....
By on 16-03-2012
iam standin in ma tip of ma foot...launch it as much as early...
By on 17-03-2012
plz.give me neyarest adrresh for purchesing the bike (ROYAL ENFIELD DISEL)
By on 17-03-2012
keenly waiting
By on 18-03-2012
i have bullet diesel 1990's model but i wait for new model ple launch soon
By on 19-03-2012
oh launt that very fastly i'm waiting.... Royal alwayz in royal hand's
By on 25-03-2012
plz do as early as possible.....i m waiting...
By on 27-03-2012
my sweet dream .....waiting
By on 30-03-2012
When launch diesel bullet in tamilnadu +919787435036
By on 01-04-2012
when will it come?????????????
By on 02-04-2012
I am waiting for this moter cycle. avarage how much give milige
By on 02-04-2012
I am awaiting for this model. Kindly launch this model in market immedieatly
By on 04-04-2012
i am waiting for this launch diesel engine bullet moter cycle
By on 06-04-2012
pease tell us when diesel ver.comes im vary ex.4 it.i m waiting frmso long time.........
And wt its price and specification surly buy it......
By on 08-04-2012
i m waiting for ur promiss which u have published bt when
By on 09-04-2012
nice to hear......
when it is and is like the old one.....
By on 10-04-2012
i am waiting for a ride
By on 11-04-2012
i am waiting for diesel royal enfield
By on 19-04-2012
i am waiteng for diesel bullet pls Lounch
for 2012 end
By on 19-04-2012
When is the launch of Royal Enfield Diesel ?
By on 04-05-2012
m waiting for diesel bullet plz make it fast, i wanna buy diesel bullet
By on 06-05-2012
tamil thalaivargalea. kaathu kondu irungal. miga seekaramaai varum nam kanavu bullet.
By on 07-05-2012
when wil diesel bike booking starts..?
By on 16-05-2012
i am wait for diesel bullet ..plz inform me my email
By on 19-05-2012
diesel bullets are have a good fuel efficiency
By on 25-05-2012
i like diesel bullet,,,,
By on 29-05-2012
i love to ride diesel Bullet
By on 30-05-2012
I am waiting for diesel bullet and wait is it price
By on 01-06-2012
Imeegiately i need it in 2012 bullet taurus diesel bike in punjab disst.patiala .for contact me at 08427975004
By on 02-06-2012
petrol rate is so high i need diesel bullet for ride, i will waiting for new diesel bullet lanching.
By on 07-06-2012
piz... tell the accurate month milage,price etc as soon as possible
By on 09-06-2012
good discesion we are waiting for this opportunity,it is right time to lanch.
By on 11-06-2012
diesel bullet is really come back ?
how funny
By on 18-06-2012
when it is going to come true, any idea.....?
By on 20-06-2012
By on 22-06-2012
Hai nice to hear that enfield is relaunching diesel engine bullets and if they launch in 350 cc it would be great and even the pricings should affordable to buy it please launch very soon we are unable to bear petrol cost.please keep the updates thank you
Ph: 9945539251
By on 23-06-2012
Hai we are very much expecting the diesel Bullet this year, pls tell us it will launch this year 2012 by the Royal Enfield? pls launch it sir in India.... soon...
By on 29-06-2012
just waiting for that diesel bullet to release.... gonna buy it for sure....
By on 03-07-2012
I should also add, that trip the bike reeurntd an actual 70mpg fuel economy, as charted by my pen and pad and gas card. Our resident flat tracker Scott also manage to drag every hard part on a couple of highway off ramps and revealed the one major flaw-ish feature: the foot pegs are fixed, thankfully they are also meaty rubber and left a black streak through the turn. There was still about half an inch of tire left to go when it touched down so it was pretty close to the bikes limits. Most people won't ever ride it that hard.If you search the HFL archives, any pic of a c5 military with an HFL logo on it is the same bike.I would like to secure one to set an ironbutt record with buti haven't had much luck yet.
By on 22-07-2012
iam waiting longtime
By on 22-07-2012
L have a diesel Bullet -1998
By on 23-07-2012
itz gud 4 da bullet lovrz......
By on 24-07-2012
pls do that very quickly
By on 25-07-2012
i am waiting 4 it what will be the cost, when will launch.........
By on 25-07-2012
i'm waiting from two years to buy royal enfield in diesel version. it my dream to buy the royal enfield bike in diesel
By on 26-07-2012
pls get it fast,,,,fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fastfast fast fast fast fast fast fats
By on 07-08-2012
please give me a male about when it will launch
By on 09-08-2012
please tell me when will launch my no 9465815706
By on 10-08-2012
i am waiting for it what will be the cost, when will launch.....pls launch fast
By on 10-08-2012
i think this will surprise everyone bcz nowadays petrol prices are too high, so i hope all indian riders are happy to heard this will be good success..thanks in advace.
By on 13-08-2012
I am waiting , so please launching fast, thanks for whole team.
By on 18-08-2012
I am waitinng for enfield bike..........when did get....
By on 16-09-2012
i am waiting for this diesel bike and also it must be a more than 700 cc.
By on 24-09-2012
i am waiting for New Royal Enfield disel bullet.
By on 06-10-2012
We hav been hearing this for the last one year... any progress so far.. anybody have any new updates??? wen can we expect that????
By on 09-10-2012
hi i already have that bike .but i am waiting for new plz launch quick.
By on 12-10-2012
pr saaali ki awaz auto jaise h
By on 18-10-2012
I AM WAITING................
By on 19-11-2012
i wanna buy diesl bullet.....
i hv already ptrl standard...
By on 08-12-2012
i want diesal enfield. kerala state. 9061258354
By on 23-12-2012
By on 24-05-2013
hai please redy to diesal bike on riyal enfield
By on 21-09-2013
Wen ll u launch the bike
its already 15 months over
still no ads abt diesel bullet can u say wen ll u launch it
By on 12-03-2014
when the diesel bullet going to launch
By on 02-04-2014
Pls launch new bullet on diesel more modal.....
By on 30-08-2014
I am waiting for diesel bullet when you launch, many more people also waiting new diesel bullet
By on 09-09-2014

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