Honda owns the no.2 spot in March sales replacing Bajaj.

Its been a quite long period that the Indian market is hearing the rise of Honda company in almost all the segments and at the same time they were pausing great threat to Bajaj's no.2 spot.

At last it has happened, Bajaj is now overtaken by Honda in the March 2012 sales and captures the no.2 spot. Though it's too early to predict anything, we can expect a great response from Bajaj as the new Pulsar is on its way.

It will be tough for Bajaj to compete with Honda unless they bring out some innovative plans. Honda is all set to release there next mass commuter , the 110cc entry level Yuga motorcycle, things do seem in favor of Honda.

"Obviously, we cannot replicate Honda but can still be the best by being different. We cannot ape them but are trying to have our individual brands established strongly." admitted Mr.Rajiv Bajaj.
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Last updated on 05-04-2012. Published on 05-04-2012.
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