KTM Duke 200 gets a remap from Mumbai based Kiirus

KTM Duke 200, while riding, we will feel that, when we want to cross the limit of 137 kmph, the ECU abruptly cuts off the power when you reach to the top speed limit set by Bajaj Auto for the longevity of the engine. Everyone, who owns the KTM Duke 200 and wants to fly, is having the same problem.

The KTM Duke 200 is quicker than Honda CBR 250R, which pumps out a same 25 bhp, but costs somewhere near 20 per cent more than the Rs.1.30 lakh (on-road Pune) worth of KTM 200 Duke. However, as usual the initial customers of KTM are not happy, but disappointed with the limited revv kicking in at 10,500 RPM

Although the limit is set for the good of the engine but the KTM 200 seems to be very eager to cross this limit but it can't since the ECU always tend to cut off the power abruptly. Kiirus, which is a tuning company based in Mumbai, has come ahead with a solution to this where they remap your KTM 200 ECU to an increased revv-limit of 11,500 rpm to 12,000 rpm.

With an increased revv in every gear the company makes claim of an increased high-speed of 145-148 kmph which is almost 10 kmph more than the original speed with the original rev settings. They also claim that there is less stress and softer idle in the engine with a new map in the ECU.
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Last updated on 23-03-2012. Published on 23-03-2012.
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