Yamaha to launch scooter 'Fino' in India by 2012

Yamaha who have already flourished in Indian bike market with its most stylish and advanced models is all set to rock the scooter segment in India by 2012 with the launch of scooters like Fino, Nougo etc.

Yamaha Fino from Yamaha is been designed by the experts with great style and fuel efficiency suiting the Indian two wheeler market. This brand new 113cc product from Yamaha has a price tag of Rs.45,000 with it. The scooter has some stand out features and is outstanding and captivating enough with its looks and performance.

Yamaha targets the ladies and young generation as their market as it is easy to ride and handle. The new scooter from the company is equipped with an electric start as well as kick start so as to facilitate its users.

This scooter is completely suitable for Indian roads as it is highly fuel efficient and is easy to ride being gearless. The Yamaha Fino 115 has got stunning, cool and unique looks which will surely attract Indian customers and will achieve Yamaha's targets.
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Last updated on 06-12-2011. Published on 06-12-2011.
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